Travelers Club Luggage Review: Is It Value For Money?

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Travelers Club Luggage is a wholesale company and it is known for its affordable pricing. Thousands of customers bought their travel products and gave them 4+ star rating on average. 

They are based in California and outsource their manufacturing from China. They sell luggage sets, duffels, and other travel items with different colors and variations. 

In the article below, I have listed their popular products along with a buyer’s guide. If you are in a hurry, skip to conclusion.

Travelers Club Luggage Review


  • Affordable
  • Offers Variety
  • Customer Love
  • You Get What You Pay


  • Medium In Quality
  • No Social Engagement

Travelers Club Expandable Duffel Bag

collaspable luggage

Travelers Club’s expandable duffel bag is among the mid-range options in the market. Hundreds of people have bought it and given it more than 4-star rating, especially for the huge space it provides for travel and camping. 

It features a simple design made of polyester, and it is quite handy and travel-friendly because of its collapsible feature. It can easily collapse up to 90 percent of its size so that you can carry it with ease. 

Its main pocket offers 32” of wide space, in which you can carry a month of clothes or essentials for a trip. It is light in weight and it may be less durable than bags of brands like Adidas, Wrangler, and others. 

On the outside, It also has two small pockets, one at the front and one at the side for accessible items. Furthermore, it has two rolling wheels with both shoulder and side handle. There is no telescopic handle in it.

This duffel bag is best if you need extra space at affordable pricing. For quality options, you should take a look at WranglerOlympia, or Pathfinder duffel bags. 

Travelers Club Chicago Hardside Luggage

chicago luggage

Travelers Club Chicago luggage is among popular products in the market as more than 25 thousand people have bought it and given it a 4+ star rating. It is also among the affordable luggage options alongside Rockland and Others. 

It comes in around 14 color variations and sets of up to 5 pieces, including 20”, 24”, 28” hard-shell luggage, a 15” tote, and a 10” small travel kit. 

Its hard-shell luggage is simple in design, offering a rounded shell with 360-degree rotating smooth wheels. The housing of the wheels may get compromised on the rough surface. 

Overall, the build of this luggage is solid and offers more for its price. Most people have bought this luggage set as it provides the best value for money per piece. 

Brands like Rockland, Amazon Basics, and Samsonite are among the popular ones in the market. However, their pricing may be higher than this luggage for similar products.

Travelers Club Bowman 3-Piece Luggage Set

bowman expandable set

Travelers Club Bowman is ideal for small trips as it comes with a 20” small carry-on, a 15” tote bag, and a small travel kit bag. It is medium in quality, but it justifies affordable pricing, which is the plus point of it

Carry-on luggage is simple in design, and it features two small pockets on the outside for easy-to-access items. Its main pocket offers space for a few days of clothes, and it expands a bit as well. 

The tote bag is wide and ideal for carrying documents, and the travel kit bag allows you to put travel accessories. They both serve as additional storage options for organized travel experience.

It comes in two color variations, and its quality is average. It would serve better for occasional trips. For more options, you can look at these top-reviewed options.

Travelers Club 5-Piece Kids Luggage Set

kids luggage set

Travelers Club kids luggage set is among the popular products in this list as it comes in eye-catching patterns. More than four thousand people bought it for their kids, and they loved it

It is a set of 5, including an 18” carry-on, a 15” backpack, a lunch/side bag, a neck pillow, and a travel tag which comes in different shapes. It serves as all in one, backpack for school or with luggage for traveling in a plane.

It comes in around 9 different colors and patterns, including Cars, Bunny, Butterflies, and others. The majority of people were happy with their purchase for quality, and their kids were excited and happy.

Looking at the pricing, quality, and color variety of this set. It would be reasonable to say that it is worth it, especially for the happiness it brings to the faces of kids. For more options and color variations, you should consider them as well. 

About Travelers Club As Brand

Travelers Club is a wholesale company established in 1986 in La Palma, California, where they design their products. They sell travel products like luggage, backpacks, duffels, and so on. 

They also export their product to different parts of the world to different retailers through their wholesale network. To make their products affordable, they outsource their manufacturing from China

They also got featured on different American TV Shows and News like RuelalaBustleNBC News, and others.

Buyer’s Guide

Quality & Customer Reviews

Analyzing the quality of Travelers Club products and the pricing at which they are selling justifies their popularity. It is not that their products are on point with premium built. 

Their products are affordable and durable enough to last at least 50 to 70 percent of the life (if used responsibly) of products sold at double or triple the price. 

Thousands of customers buy their products, and the majority of them are happy with what they pay. Except;

Due to some unfortunate events like mishandling, A small percentage of people get damaged items or have bad experiences with sellers. 

Warranty & Returns

On the actual website of Travelers Club, they have updated their return/warranty policy in which they will not accept any return and all sales are final

However, you should buy their product through Amazon. So, you can return a product within 30 days of purchase in case of a defective item.  


Despite the Travelers Club being a known brand, its social media accounts have not been active for more than a year. There is no new video on their YouTube channel nor a new post on their Facebook page.

People try to engage with them, but there is no response from their side, which is not a good sign. I am leaving the link to the social and website for you to visit from here directly. 


Are Travelers Club luggage or duffel bags worth it? Yes, If you are searching for something affordable and delivers almost every features of a costly product. Most of the people commented that ”you get what you paid means worth it”

Around 60 percent of luggage in the market are almost similar in quality but vary in pricing. If you emphasize quality and better customer service than price, then brands like Samsonite, Travelpro, Away, American Tourister, Beis, or Amazon Basics might be for you.

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