Travelpro Luggage Review: Quality & Customer Service?

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Travelpro is an old luggage brand alongside Samsonite and Tumi. They offer their in-house designed luggage, bags, and other products.   

It is among the few brands that have upheld their quality and prioritized customer satisfaction by offering simple and smooth customer service. 

In the below article, I have reviewed the high-rated products that people admire. For a quick view, jump to the conclusion. 


  • High In Quality
  • Better Customer Service
  • Healthy Customer Engagement


  • A Bit Pricey

Travelpro Sparepack Foldable Duffel Bag

travelpro foldable

Travelpro Sparepack is among the quality foldable bags loved by its customers. It features a simple design and does not have side pockets or zipper pockets, except a rear strap for mounting it on luggage for ease. 

It offers around 17” of wide space to carry essentials and clothes. You can carry it with only shoulder straps, no cushy handles. It is made of hard polyester, a usual material used in bags for resistance and durability

In terms of usage, it satisfied the majority of customers, who gave it around 4.5-star ratings for quality and easy handling. Compared to other similar bags in the market, it is a bit more pricey, not a lot

You can check these duffel bags if you want to explore a variety and affordable options.

Travelpro Bold Laptop Backpack

bold backpack

For backpackers, a Bold backpack is ideal as it comes in multiple size options and offers a ton of space in the most organized manner. It features multiple zipper pockets along with side ones. 

Two side pouches are handy for lenses or cameras, while two front pockets offer slim space with further small division for accessories and documents. 

The main pocket zipper extends at the bottom and offers wide space for a laptop, clothes, and other electronic devices. It is made of rugged polyester, and its back and belts are soft for comfort.

It comes in 3 color variations with just one size variation. People love it and rated it more than 4 stars. For pricing, it is on the higher end, and you can find similar bags of different brands at affordable rates. 

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Luggage

travelpro maxlite

Travelpro Maxlite 5 is among the most loved and high-rated soft-side luggage because of its build and quality. More than 10 thousand people have reviewed it and given it a 4+ stars rating.

Its lining is made of 100 recycled plastic bottles and features a very clean interior, including a main compartment with buckle straps and a large zipper mesh pocket on the other side. 

It also has an expandable zipper, which can increase storage capacity a bit, and a medium zipper pocket for documents. It is light in weight, and you can carry it with a side or top handle. 

Unlike most soft-side luggage in the market, it offers better quality with water-resistant and rigid material, sturdy wheel housing, and smooth zippers. 

It may feel pricey to you compared to other similar-appearing luggage, but it justifies it. It comes in around 5 sizes and around 13 color variations. 

Travelpro Pathways Hardside Luggage

pathways 3.0

Travelpro Pathways luggage is a new one, but it seems promising because of its lightweight and quality build. It comes in 3 sizes and 4 color variations

Its outer shell is made of polyester, and its edges are protected with aluminum corner guards. Looking at the quality of similar luggage of various brands

I can surely say Travelpro has done a great job of delivering quality and features. Although, they do charge a bit higher than usual. 

It is smooth while dragging due to its non-wobbly telescopic handle and sturdy wheels. It also has an inbuilt TSA-approved lock for additional security. 

Travelpro Bold Drop Rolling Duffel Bag

travelpro duffel bag

Travelpro Bold duffel bag is a large-size bag offering tons of space for traveling with a compact design and easy mobility. It is made of dense polyester with water and stain-resistant features.

It has a simple zipper opening at the top and another divider zipper that opens in two compartments for organized storage of stuff. It has multiple handles, rolling wheels, and a fine-looking design.

A few people also complained about the zipper quality, which got broken during their trip. 

Try not to overstuff these duffles, especially from the sides, as they do not have a supporting structure for distributing weight. 

In terms of price, it is costly compared to a similar duffel from a brand like Gonex. Selling at almost half price and has also received a great response from more than a thousand customers.

About Travelpro

Travelpro was founded by a former pilot, Bob Plath, who saw the gap in quality luggage in the market, designed its own, and started to sell it under Travelpro. Now, Travelpro is owned by MidOccean Partners

Their HQ is located in Florida and offers multiple products like bags, cubes, and others that are designed in-house by their professionals. 

With a solid customer base, thousands of people visit their site every month, and people trust this brand.

Buyer’s Guide

Quality & Customer Experience

Travelpro offers quality in its products as thousands of customers have bought and reviewed their products with high ratings. Appearance-wise, their product looks almost the same as others, but quality is superior.

However, you may expect to pay more than normal luggage for that. In some cases, prices are double, like the Bold Duffel bag. If you prefer quality and price is not an issue, then this is for you.

Along with Travelpro, brands like Samsonite, Tumi, Away, and Rimova are top in the market. However, for affordable options, consider brands like Rockland, Amazon Basics, and others. Feel free to explore.

Warranty & Returns

Travelpro return and warranty policies are easier to understand. First of all, their different products have different warranty periods, which you can check. 

Return: Travelpro allows their customer to return their luggage within 100 days of purchase if they are not satisfied for any reason. No questions will be asked, and even they will pay for the shipping

Travelpro Essentials category: which includes tags, toiletries, foldable bags, and cubes. You need to return them within 30 days of purchase

Requirements: For return, you need to buy from Travelpro’s official site and follow their guidelines, which include no damaged item, all items(luggage set), and proper attachment of return label.

Warranty: Like every other luggage brand, Travelpro offers to accept a warranty against manufacturing defects like broken zippers or handles with no handmade damage. 

Registry: To claim a warranty, you need to register your product on their site within 120 days of purchase. Otherwise, you will be charged a shipping fee in case of a warranty claim. 

You can locate their repair center or ship your product to them for repair or replacement. For assistance, you can contact them from here.


Travelpro has a huge following on its social media platforms, especially on Instagram and Facebook. They regularly post content and maintain their engagement with their customers.

However, their YouTube channel is relatively small, and they post videos after every few months or sometimes weeks. I am leaving links to their social media platform here for you to visit. 

Where To Buy Travelpro Luggage?

You can buy Travelpro luggage both online and offline. You can also visit their site or buy from retailers like Amazon mentioned above. If you want to buy it physically, you can locate their official stores here.

Who Makes Travelpro Luggage?

Travelpro designs its products and outsources its manufacturing from China to reduce the cost for consumers


Is Travelpro Worth it? Yes, if you want luggage or a bag with better quality and customer service. However, you can expect to pay more than affordable brands like Rockland, Amazon Basics, and others.

I have also reviewed other luggage brands and provided you with an honest opinion. You can also share your thoughts about this brand in the comment section. 

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