Kensie Luggage Review: Quality at Affordable Price

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Kensie is a fashion brand offering wearables, home decor items, luggage, and others. Its main customer base consists of females and girls as it offers trendy and stylish clothes for its customers.

Their travel products are great and popular among its audience for quality and pricing. However, they mainly sell their product through third-party retailers and expanded by offering a variety of colorful collections. 

In the article below, I have reviewed their travel bags along with brand details and a buyer’s guide. 

Kensie Luggage Review

Key Points:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Limited Line Of Product
  • Medium In Quality (Worth It)
  • Available On Third Party Sites

Kensie Alma 20’’ Carry-on Luggage

alma luggage

Kensie Alma is one of the popular pieces of luggage as it offers a lot for its price. First, it’s built is hard, and solid but lightweight. Its frame is made of polycarbonate with bumpy lines and Kensie Logo In between

It features spacious space inside; one side with buckle strap and the other compartment contains one mesh pocket and main pocket for clothes. It has two zippers outside; one for expanding the bag a bit while the other opens a bag and it closes at TSA approved lock for extra safety features. 

The wheels of it are the smoothest and most praised part of this luggage along with 7 different color options. The telescopic handle is smooth and open at just the push of a button while the side handle is soft to carry. 

It is the best budget piece of luggage and thousands of people loved it so much. Except those who received damaged items and did not check them at receiving. 

Kensie 3D Gemstone 20’’ Carry-on Luggage

kensie gemstone luggage set

Kensie 3D Gemstone is just another brother of Alma’s luggage but pricey and different in shape. The main feature of this case is its crafted design, which sometimes gets easily scratched in rough journeys.

The Interior splits into two main compartments; one equipped with a buckle strap to hold clothes in place while the second section contains three zipper pockets. All three pockets provide extra storage for different items in size. 

Its telescopic handle is a single lever that extends smoothly at the push of a button. It comes in 4 different color shades. People have praised its shape, but few were not happy with the zipper quality and price

Kensie Hudson Softside Luggage Set

Kensie Hudson luggage set

Kensie Hudson soft side luggage comes in a set of three different sizes; under seater, a carry-on, and check-in, and comes in three different color options. Each bag is identical, hence contains similar features.  

Each luggage is made of a hard and rigid cloth cover, framed with a plastic pipe. It features two zipper pockets; one small pocket for quick stuff and a large one for clothes and storage.

They also have 8 smooth roller wheels for mobility and a telescopic handle that extends at the push of a button. For Underseater, there is an additional handle at the top to carry it with hands and fit the overhead compartment.

Unfortunately, It does not come with a built-in TSA-approved lock but you can use a small lock to lock the chain. Most of the people seem to love the set and few were complaining about defective items and the price for its quality.

Kensie Dawn 3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set

kensie Dawn luggage set

Kensie Dawn showcases a sleek and edgy design beveled at the sides. It comes in a set of three and 2 different color options. Its frame is made of polycarbonate and is average in durability.

Like others, it also features 8 wheels, which are great but it feels a bit hard when it is stuffed. Its telescopic handle works well and it also expands a bit for additional storage. 

No built-in TSA-approved lock for security and each baggage cost around $75 on average. People loved its design and simple interior structure offering a ton of space. 

About Kensie As A Brand

Kensie is a feminine brand founded in Vancouver in 1994 and established itself as a simple and stylish brand for females. It comes under a brand holding company named Bluestar Alliance

Bluestar Alliance also holds other brands including Kensi and Kensigirl for little girls. This brand does not seem to offer its products on its website.

However, it has partnered with giant online retailers to sell its product and spread its brand identity through social media and product quality. 

Over time its popularity has gone down. For its luggage, most people have bought and used their luggage and they were mostly happy with their purchase, unlike suitcases of other comparative brands. 

Buyers Guide For Kensie

Customer Satisfaction

As you know that Kensie does not have any physical or online stores where they sell their own product. They use third-party vendors and retailers as their partners and they sell through them. 

They are popular for their variety of products like jeans and suits. However, Their few cases are popular, especially Alma for its quality and pricing. If I compare it with the well-known brand Badgley Mischka

Their Customer base is huge and they buy their products frequently. So yes, most of the people who have used their product are pretty happy with their purchase. 

In case of an item with a manufacturer defect, It is always recommended that you should check your item on arrival or return it timely.


Kensie as a brand has gotten a lot of traction for its wearables and has a acquired pretty good following over the years on its Instagram and Facebook accounts. Below is their social account for you to visit directly from here. 



As I have already told you, Kensie sells its products on third-party retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, and others. You can either seek support through their customer service or on Kenzie’s contact given below:

[email protected] 


[email protected] 


The Bottom Line

Kensie is good for pieces of luggage if you are out for great quality at an affordable price. Comparing it with other brands which I have reviewed, I would recommend their luggage because a lot of customers have bought it. 

From this, the majority of people are happy with their purchase. You can also check out other brands to get an idea about luggage brands and which one will be the best fit for your needs.  

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