Gabbiano Luggage Review: Is It Worth Spending Money?

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Gabbiano luggage is one of the old brands in the suitcase industry. They had a different variety of products, and all were in a set of three. 

Unfortunately, the Gabbiano luggage brand does not seem to be active and not offering its products and service as other competitive brands in the market

In the article below, I have written Gabbiano luggage review and a buyer’s guide. 

Key Points: 

Gabbiano Luggage Review

  • Pricing Is High For Quality And Service
  • Negative Customer Satisfaction
  • Most Of The Products Are Out Of Stock
  • All Products Are In A Set Of 3

Gabbiano Viva 3-Piece Luggage Set

Gabbiano Viva Luggage

The Gabbiano Viva luggage set is one of the last available sets, priced at a medium price. Each luggage is made of average material and might get broken after a few trips.

It comes in a set of three, including a carry-on and two check-in suitcases. It also comes in three variations of colors. Inside, it features a simple design and spacious storage. 

The good thing about them is that they are expandable and have TSA-approved locks for security. It is lightweight and smooth because of its telescopic handle and four dual wheels. 

People have mixed reactions; some liked this set, while others were angry because their luggage was broken after a few trips.  

Gabbiano Bravo Harside Luggage Set


In this list, bravo is an attractive-looking set of luggage, and relatively, it has served better than the Viva luggage set in terms of usage and appearance with no price difference. 

Each suitcase is made of Abs Material with impact resistant design and dual contrasting color appearance. It comes in three color variations, with one being the most vibrant combo of white and brown. 

From a customer perspective, few customers were happy, and quite many people whose suitcases either came damaged or got damaged after a few trips

Furthermore, they could not return their bought items because of bad customer service

Gabbiano Spectra Hardside Luggage Set

spectra luggage set

Gabbiano Spectra is the most expensive set on this list, and this set is no different than others. However, the pricing of it is ridiculously high. Like others, it also comes in three color variations. 

It features durable built as it is more durable than the above suitcases and they are heavy. However, it has four dual wheels, making drag easier. 

Tbh, only a few customers have bought this suitcase set because of the ridiculous price at which it is being sold. I hope there will be more customers in line if they lower the price to a reasonable level. 

About Gabbiano Luggage As Brand

According to the original website, Gabbiano is a manufacturing facility in Taiwan, and its Headquarters are located in China. Since 2000, they have opened their warehouses in Los Angeles and Miami.

According to Google, Gabbiano Luggage is temporarily closed because there is no engagement on their social media platforms, and most of their inventory is out of stock.

On the Internet, there is Gabbiano luggage and Gabbiano Wedding (which offers different styles of wedding dresses), and last, there is also Gabbiano wine on I cannot say whether they are related to each other or not

Buyers Guide For Gabbiano Luggage


As I said above, most Gabbiano products are out of stock, especially on their original website. But I could find just three in-stock products while writing this blog. 

The Spectra set is priced ridiculously, while two products are in the average range. Gabbino’s pricing is only satisfactory if it provides quality and service. 


Gabbiano warranty is average, as they require 7 to 10 days of response time, clear picture of damaged area of item, warranty tag, Fees of 24 dollars and copy of warranty certificate.

You need to fill their registry form and at the end, they have right to conclude final decision. Note: They offer replacement instead of refund. I think it is full of hassle to buy from their site.

I would personally suggest to buy from other luggage brand like Traveler Choice, Luggex and others.

Best Alternatives

Many brands are out there, selling suitcases at very lucrative prices with better customer service and quality. Out of these, Amazon Basic is at the top.

Because its Amazon’s brand and is a giant retailer of online space. Alongside, Samsonite and American Tourister are also good ones. 


Gabbiano used to be a promising brand, but now it is not. Unfortunately, only a few people bought their products on retail sites.

Out of those few people, majority were upset as they got damaged item or their suitcase got destroyed after a few trips. Plus, customers could only return their damaged items for a partial refund. 


Gabbiano luggage is semi-active and has healthy following on Instagram and just few on Twitter. Their Facebook page does not have any content and it is inaccessible.

The Bottom Line

I would not recommend you buy luggage from Gabbiano luggage as there is a high chance you will get upset. I have contacted them through email about their products and service. 

I will update you as soon as I get a satisfactory response from them. Until then, you can browse other suitcases brands or choose one that I have recommeded above

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