Dejuno Luggage Review: Offering Design That Stand Out

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Dejuno is a manufacturing brand that sells its product to its retail and wholesale partners. Their luggage is average in quality and loved for its unique look, which makes them stand out in the crowd.

One main thing that you need to pay attention. On Dejuno’s site or their Amazon page, you will always find three pieces of luggage. There is another brand, ‘World Traveler,’ selling the same luggage but in 2-piece; a handbag and a carry-on.

So, whatever your preferences are, you can choose a 3-piece- or 2-piece set. Below I am leaving both along with brand dissection and buyer’s guide.

Dejuno Luggage Review:


  • Medium in Quality
  • Great & Appealing Design


  • Prices are Higher On Official Site


Dejuno is primarily known for its luggage’s unique design and stylish look. If I were you, I would only buy their luggage for their unique look. They feature different styles and vibrant color combinations with a glossy appearance, known for their eye-catching look.

Below is a few examples for you to get an idea.


TSA-Aproved Lock: Dejuno luggage comes with built-in TSA-approved locks for all sizes of bags and chain locks here. It ensures your stuff is secure and safe. It is also compliant with airport authorities to check it without destroying it.

You can also change the lock combination by following their guide or watching any video on youtube. All luggage has a default combination of ‘000’ for each bag.


The Interior of this luggage is the same as other brands. It consists of two main compartments; one with a belt connected with a buckle strap to hold items and clothes, the other containing a small zipper mesh pocket, and the main zipper covers one whole side to put stuff in place.

Despite differences in size, weight, and shape, the small handbag also has a similar design in which there is a buckle strap on one side, and the other offers a zipper pocket in the middle. Both luggage and handbag are covered with quality interior fabric.


Like most of the luggage out there, Dejuno luggage also contain a similar number of handle, which provide it for a customer to hold the bag however it is preferred. A smooth telescopic handle opens at the push of a button; some people have experienced that it wobbles when luggage is filled.

Top and side handles allow you to carry your luggage with your hands in crowded places or while climbing the stairs. They are built with durable design and contract smoothly in their original position.

The small handbag is different and has a bag handle, which seems luxurious and stylish to carry in hand.


This luggage has eight built-in rolling wheels in pairs of two that offer a smooth and easy-to-drag experience on a smooth surface. Each pair of wheels is attached with a plastic housing/frame, which is then attached to the actual bag.

This part of luggage is crucial, and very few times it comes damaged and gets damaged in transit, so check it before receiving your product.


Regarding quality, both the 3-piece and 2-piece come from a single manufacturer. All are made of lightweight polycarbonate, which is good quality for fair usage. However, heavy use on rough journeys may damage your bag.

Their products are made in China, and their quality is average. I would not recommend it if you are considering to use it for more extended period. The main point that people love about these luggage sets is their stylish look and design.

Their unique and eye-catching design stands out among other luggage in busy spots.

Buyer’s Guide:

Customer Satisfaction:

Most of their customers seem very happy with positive feedback for their purchase. If I were to put it in numbers, their customers would have given them an average rating of 4, which is great compared to other well-known brands.

Their product is prime on Amazon, a great option to get your product faster in delivery and free returns to claim a warranty if you get a damaged item in shipping.


Dejuno, as a brand, has a very minimal social media following, and most of its products get sold on the online retail market. Below are the socials of Dejuno for you to visit directly.

Facebook – Twitter


Dejuno’s headquarter is 6275 Providence Way Eastvale, CA, 92880 California. You can also contact them at 909-230-6744 or mail them through the online contact form on their website.

Other Products:

Dejuno offers only travel luggage in a set of 3 on their online store. Besides that, they do not provide products in another category.

Alternative Brands:

There are many luggage brands with great products and services. Brands like Samsonite, Rockland, Hanke & Amazon Basics features quality luggage at affordable pricing which will last longer.


What is a Dejuno?

Dejuno is a private company that manufactures and distributes luggage for retail or wholesale.

Is Dejuno luggage lock TSA approved?

Yes, all built-in lock-in Dejuno luggage are TSA approved, and you can also change their factory default code to your desired combination.

How Much Does Dejuno’s Luggage Weigh?

Dejuno offers luggage sets 3; On estimate, their small luggage weighs around 6 lbs, while the medium is 7.5 lbs, and check is approximately 9 lbs.

The Bottom Line:

Finally, if you want to buy Dejuno luggage because of its look and pricing, it might be a great option. From a durability perspective, it is average to medium and will last a few years or more if used with care.

Still, there are tons of options to consider, and you can check out them in our list of reviews of luggage brands.

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