InUSA Luggage Review: Product Reviewed and Analyzed

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InUSA Luggage is one of the small luggage brands that has been around for a couple of years. They have a line of several products and are rated average. 

Small percentage of people bought and shared their experience of their trip. Some of them liked it while equal proportion of people were not satisfied with quality.

In the article below, I have reviewed InUSA Luggage Brand along with buyer’s guide.


  • Medium in Quality
  • Positive Customer Engagement


  • Quality and Variety Can be Improved

InUSA Luggage Review

InUSA Apache Waterproof Backpack (Value Backpack)


Apache is one of the few backpacks of the InUSA brand. It is made of nylon fabric known for its durability and tear-resistant quality

This Apache bag is simple in design featuring three zipper pockets with enough space for school or a short trip. For handling, it has a top cushy handle and shoulder straps.

Quality is average, and considering the price of this backpack. Other brands in the market sell better ones at low to the same price. Out of which, a few are from Maxtop & Della Gao

InUSA Trend Hardside Luggage (Budget Friendly)


Among many variations of hard-side suitcases of the InUSA brand, Trend is among the most sold luggage because of its design/shape. It is also available in three size variations and four color variations. 

The material of this luggage is medium in quality and should be used safely. Expecting it to cover a rough journey might halt you in trouble; believe me, that is not a feeling one would desire. 

Pricing-wise, It lies in between, and there are other brands like Wrangler & Rockland, selling similar sizes of luggage at lower to the same price. At the same time, others have better quality with excellent customer ratings.

In USA Printed Hardside Luggage (Stylish)


Printed hard-side luggage is admired for its unique look that differentiates in a crowd. InUSA has some variations, and many people seem interested in it. 

However, the quality of this luggage is average, and it would be ok if you use it with care. There are also other brands like Dejuno, Tucci and Badgley Mishka as well who are selling printed luggage with a similar pattern

Most people love it, and comparatively, it is a bit pricey. It could be due to printed design people are fond of. 

InUSA as Brand

Talking about InUSA as a brand, I tried to find out about InUSA’s identity, and there needs to be an About page on their site. 

Besides that, nothing on their social media accounts except a tagline that this brand designed specifically for travelers. 

Is InUSA Luggage Good?

InUSA products are average in quality and comparing them with other products. Their products are either lower in quality or higher in price.

Where is InUSA Luggage Made?

InUSA products are manufactured in China and according to their own site; some of their products are assembled in USA.

Buyer’s Guide

Customer Service: 

In the above article, I have highlighted the overall impression of each product and why people loved and hated them. They also offer free shipping and return for USA customers only. 

You need to register your bought item on their website with some required information. They offer 30 days of return window, and it should be new in condition with tags. 


Having a lot of variations and types of luggage and bags, the quality of products, especially those I have reviewed, are average, and their pricing need to be justified. 

For each product, I have also referred to a similar product from a different brand, either selling it at a lower price or better quality. 


InUSA has multiple social accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. There has been no activity on their Youtube account for five years, and almost the same with Instagram. 

However, they posted a few posts on their Facebook account recently after a long time. 

The Bottom Line

To conclude the above article, InUSA is a small brand and they have collection of travel products for different audience. Quality of their products is questionable and nowadays there are tons of brands selling better products.

So I would suggest you first consider other options in the market for luggage. Have patience and find a product that most people buy and love

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