Heys Luggage Review: Is Heys A Good Luggage Brand?

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Heys Luggage is an international brand, and it is available in countries like China, Europe, Korea, the USA, and Canada. 

They have a simple product line with their signature design and elegance. People have mixed reactions about their products and have given up to a 4-star rating on average. 

They have some unique designs and luggage colors that are strong points for them. However, their pricing could have been better.

In the article below, I have reviewed some of their popular luggage products along with buyer’s guides.

Heys Luggage Review


  • Great in Quality
  • Well Established Brand
  • Have Variety Of Options


  • A Bit Pricey Comparatively

Heys Peppa Pig Kids Luggage

Peppa Pig kid luggage
Source: heys.com

The Heys Peppa Pig Kids Luggage is a fantastic choice for children, making travel an exciting adventure. Like this, Heys has other comic and cartoon design luggage appealing to young kids. 

Its outer shell is made of the usual material polycarbonate with semi-rounded shape. The two wheels look glassy and feel flimsy as they would break after rough usage. There are resting pads for stability and a T-shaped telescopic handle for smooth drag. 

Its interior is simple and has two little compartments, one with a buckle strap and the other with a zipper pocket. It weighs around 3 and a half pounds, but the interior space could have been larger for more stuff. 

Talking about its price and comparing it to similar kids’ luggage in the market. Rockland Jr and American Tourister have similar quality luggage. Even they have more variety at affordable pricing.

Maybe for that reason, not a lot of customers have purchased it. 

Heys Marvel Comic Carry-on Luggage

Source: heys.com

For comic lovers, Heys offers luggage with Marvel designs that stand out. It features a comic book pages design of different Marvel stories and universes. Besides that, this luggage is no different and has a similar in terms of quality and material

It is popular among nine to fifteen-year-olds, who can pack up to two weeks of stuff in this luggage. Moreover, there is little chance they would lose it and will take care of it responsibly because of its appearance. 

Most people buy it occasionally, but anyone who has bought it has a good experience as they or their children have used it for more than a year. It weighs around six pounds and comes in just a single-color option

Unfortunately, it is priced high, and you can get the same luggage at half price from the Fast Forward brand on Amazon. Besides that, other brands like Rockland, American Tourister, and Marvel also have similar products at affordable rates.

Heys Astro Iridescent 3-Piece Luggage Set

Source: heys.com

Heys Astro is another cool-looking and unique luggage set, and its shiny color with a multi-color shed makes it appealing. It also makes a great combo when you have a shiny outfit matching the color of your luggage. 

It features a wavy design, a plus point as it keeps it sturdy and withstands any shock or impact. It comes in three size variations of 21”, 26”, and 30” and four color variations, including Charcoal, Light Green, Purple, and Silver. It also comes in a set of three. 

It has features and specs like TSA lock, dual spinner wheels, and handles. Its interior is simple with split compartments, zipper pockets, and buckle straps. 

This Astro luggage set is unique in itself, and it is also pricey compared to other luggage sets. It is for people who want something mesmerizing, and money is not an issue for them.

Read the comparison section to get an idea about other affordable brands.

About Heys As a Brand

Heys is among the luggage brands that operate internationally in countries like Korea, China, Canada, the USA, and Europe. It was founded in the 1900s by a small family-run business in the suburbs of Toronto

Heys brand is known for its unique design and lightweight luggage with its legacy. Their Xcase Luggage is transparent, a unique concept that was an international success for them. 

They also have partnered with Marvel to offer comic-printed luggage and bags for kids. Celebrities like Lebron James and Chris Evan were seen to use their products. However, I would also consider other brands in the market for luggage in terms of pricing. 

Buyer’s Guide For Heys 

Quality & Price

Heys is among the fine-looking and prestigious brand that offers different products varying in quality and design. At the same time, considering the average pricing of their overall products and the value they provide compared to available luggage of other brands. 

They could do better (as their quality is average) or lower the price. For example, look at their comic luggage for kids or other hardside luggage. You can easily find similar or sometimes identical products at a much lower price. 

They have some unique-looking luggage as exception, like an X-case or Astro luggage. They would be cool as eye-catching magnets in crowded places, especially if you wear a matching outfit.

Customer Review

It was not looking good after looking at Heys products, sales, and customer responses. First of all, a small number of customers bought their products. Some had mixed responses; some liked the luggage’s appearance, while few were unhappy with the quality


Heys is a simple brand spread across the world like few others. If I compare Heys, I need to consider the buyer’s perspective, as everyone comes from a different background. 

If you want something affordable, consider brands like Rockland, Coolife, American Tourister, and others. 

On contrary, if price is not your concern and you want something unique and branded, then Heys might be a good option. 

Warranty and Returns

Heys offers a warranty of up to 5 years against manufacturing defects, and they require a purchase receipt along with the date of purchase and tag. They also have a warranty registration form, which you can fill out to swift the claim process. 

Heys also lets you return unused items within 14 days of purchase and charge around $10 as return fees. They would email or mail the return label, which you stick on the return box and drop near the UPS store. You can visit their site for more detailed information. 


Heys Luggage has done a good job maintaining its social media accounts and engaging with its customers through clever marketing. Their Facebook page has the most customer engagement, followed by Instagram, Twitter and others. 

You can visit their socials directly from here and keep yourself up to date for new arrivals or juicy discounts. 

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Heys offers a range of unique and eye-catching luggage options, thriving on exceptional design and brand prestige. However, customer reviews suggest mixed feelings about the quality concerning the price.  

With a 5-year warranty in place, Heys offers its customers some peace of mind. Checking their active social media platforms can keep you updated on new arrivals and potential discounts.

If style and brand reputation are your priority, Heys may be your choice. But for budget-conscious buyers, other brands like Rockland, Hanke, and American Tourister could provide similar products at a more affordable cost.

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