Penguin Luggage Review: How Good Their Products Are?

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Original Penguin is one of the old brands in America since the mid-1900s, and it is famous for its clothing and fashion. Hundreds of people visit their site every month and reviewed their products 4+ stars

However, you might not find alot of variety and options in their travel products like luggage and bags.

That is reason, I have emphasized, and recommended you other brands in market who are specifically selling travel products with multiple options at affordable rates

In the below article, I have listed their highly reviewed products along with a comparison and buyer’s guide. 

Penguin Luggage Review


  • Better Customer Service
  • Medium To High Quality
  • Reputable Brand


  • Bit Pricey
  • Less Options
  • Have Better Alternatives

Original Penguin Weekender Duffel Bag


Penguin Weekender is one of the few duffel bags with multiple compartments to organize items. It features a medium zipper pocket for quick items. 

It also has two side pouch-type zipper compartments for shoes that separates them from clean stuff. The main compartment has spacious storage; you can put sports items or clothes for a trip. 

Customer Review: Only small number of people have bought this bag and it does not provide enough data to conclude its usability

Its material is made of ballistic fabric, which is usually resistant to tear. However, this bag is medium in quality and bit high in pricing.

Similar quality bags are available in the market from 15 bucks onward. Brands like Adidas, Rockland, Fila and others sell sports duffel bags at lower prices. 

Original Penguin Ethan Underseater Luggage

Ethan Underseater

Pengiun Ethan under seater is loved by its customers for its durability, and it perfectly fits under your seat while leaving comfy room for you to travel. It is made of polyester, and its edges make it stiff, not bulky.

It features multiple zipper pockets, including two small ones at the front, two side pockets, and one at the backside, which is large enough for documents. 

The main zipper compartment offers hollow space and multiple mesh and plastic zipper pockets. It is compact in design and only provides storage for a few days

Customer Review: Around a hundred people have shared their experience that its quality is good, and can get along for a while if you treat it safely.

It is priced fairly compared to the market, For something more affordable, then Rockland Melrose Underseater might be good for you as hundreds of people loved and reviewed it positively. 

Original Penguin 15-inch Peterson Backpack


Penguin Peterson is 15” in size, and it gives the vibe of an astronaut’s backpack. Unlike others, it has four zipper pockets for electronic items, two on each side. 

It has two small pockets on the front side, and its backside is well cushioned along with adjustable straps. It has two main compartments: one for a laptop with a cushy pocket and the other for books and stuff. 

It comes in three color variations and has quality built with clean design. It is priced fairly, and you can expect to pay 50 to 60 bucks for it.

Customer Review: More than hundred people bought it and majority of them were happy with the amount of space it provide, and its sturdy design.

Original Penguin Crimson 21” Hardside Luggage


Penguin Crimson is the only hardshell luggage on this list, and it is quite pricey for what it offers. It is made of a PAP with a honeycomb design.

It is almost similar in design and features to the hard-shell luggage of other brands. Like others, it has 8 dual-wheels with a telescopic handle and a spacious lined interior. 

It is priced ridiculously high, and you can buy similar luggage or a set of luggage with the price of this single luggage.

Customer Review: People have mix response about its design and quality, some of them liked it alot while others found it cheaply made or their luggage zipper were not aligned.

Affordable Alternative: For something more affordable brands like Coolife, Travelpro, Luggex comes top of my mind. They not only have better price but customer service as well.

Buyer’s Guide For Original Penguin

Is Penguin A Good Luggage Brand? 

Penguin brand do sell luggage and bags and it does not offer a lot of options and variety as it is mainly sport fashion brand. The answer is No, If you want to buy luggage from brand whose primarily product is luggage then Original Penguin is not for you.

Customers Review

For travel products, few people are buying penguin luggage. Despite a small number of sales, people have loved and rated their products 4+ stars. 

Because of the brand, they could be pricey for you. You can find similar items in the market at affordable cost

Warranty & Returns

Original Penguin is a reputable brand to serve customers. They have a smooth return policy for quick exchange or return for a refund. 

For both return and exchange, you must print their return label from the site, attach it to the package, and drop it off at a nearby shipping company. 

Your delivery charges will be waived for product exchange, and the return will be at the buyer’s cost. Return the item undamaged with the original packaging and all accessories.   


Original Penguin has social media accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They have hundreds of followers on Pinterest and Facebook with active posts and engagements

You can also visit their Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for regular updates about deals and new collections. 

Original Penguin As A Brand

Original Penguin is a fashion brand mainly focused on sportswear and casual dressing for both men and women. Along with that, they also sell footwear and accessories like wallets, hats, and others. 

Behind its name ”Penguin”, they have a true humorous story to tell and how this brand got attention when prominent celebrities started to wear their shirts in their games. 

Original Penguin has sister brands like Perry Ellis and others selling their products in different fashion and sports industry niches. 

However, this brand has only a small number of travel bags with little to no variations on the site. The reviewed products are from their retail store on Amazon. 

The Bottom Line

Original Penguin is more like a clothing fashion brand focusing its product line in the sport and casual wear industry. However, they have small number of travel products like bags and luggage.

You can browse other brands like Samsonite, Kensie, and Rockland, selling quality products at affordable prices, and hundreds of people have rated them positively.

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