London Fog Luggage Review: Is It Good Luggage Brand?

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London Fog is a fashion brand mainly focused on shoes, coats, and jackets, and they sell luggage and bags in stores of retail sites. Hundreds of people have purchased and gave 4-stars reviews to their travel products

They have been in business for almost a century and have many admirers of their name because of their legacy. Their luggage is great in quality, but if you want value for money, then they might be pricey for you

In the below article, I reviewed their most loved products with a buyer’s guide and also mentioned the bank-for-buck options in the end. 

London Fog Luggage Review

Keys Points:

  • Could Be Pricey
  • Quality Products With Premium Looks
  • Trusted And Well Established Brand

London Fog Brentwood Hardshell Luggage


Brentwood is one of the sleek-looking hard-shell luggage of London Fog, and it is rated around 4+ stars. Its design is convenient, so one can access stuff while standing. 

It also has multiple features like an expandable zipper, a TSA lock at the top, dual wheels, and handles to carry or drag. From inside, it offers two compartments with buckle straps and a zipper pocket and small pouches. 

It comes in two color variations and three size options of 20, 22, and 25 inches. Among them, 20” Brentwood is acceptable as a carry-on and almost fits every airline’s head compartment. 

It also comes in a set of three, and most of its buyers loved it because of its design and durability. It is pricey, and few people pointed out the broken housing of the wheels, which is indeed a weak spot

London Fog Newcastle Cabin Bag

newcatle cabin

Newcastle cabin bag is among the most sold travel products of London Fog because of its look and durability. It is made of rigid and rough textured material and offers multiple zipper and pouch pockets.

In total, it features two pouches on both sides and a medium and large main zipper pocket. It comes in two color variations, and it has matching softshell luggage on which it can perfectly reside.

It can be pricey compared to alternative brands in the market, maybe because of London Fog’s brand value. However, the majority of people loved the simple design, color, and storage it offers

London Fog Buckingham Garment Bag

bukhimgum underseater

Among multiple products, London Fog also offers a great quality garment bag that is classy in looks and extends four times its actual size. From inside, it features multiple mesh and plastic pockets of various sizes. 

In which, you can put ironed suits along with jeans, shirts, personal care, and others. Its built-in hanger bracket is handy while traveling, and it keeps clothes well and neat. 

From the outside, it feature a fabric and a telescopic handle hidden in a zipper pocket. It has two rolling wheels along with resting pads on opposite sides to move it back and forth or rest it in place. 

Overall, the built quality of this bag is great, and unlike other similar bags, it has a design to keep clothes in place neat and ironed. If you want something with extra storage, then you should consider carry-on mentioned below.

London Fog Newcastle Softside Luggage


London Fog Newscastle is a set of four bags from which I have already mentioned the cabin bag. As I said above, it is popular for its built quality, which is made of rigid material and three unique color options. 

It comes in three size variations, including 20” carry-on, 24 and 28” check-in. Its outer layer has a weaving texture, which makes it rough and makes it withstand wear and tear

It inside is well structured and offers a giant area for storage with two buckle straps. On the other side, it has a large mesh pocket and two small pouches attached to it for extra handy stuff. 

Hundreds of people reviewed it for around 4.5 stars, despite the price being a bit high compared to the carry-on of other brands

London Fog Queensbury 4-Piece Luggage Set

queenbury luggage

London Fog Queensbury Luggage set gives a vibe of royalty because of its shiny and elegant look with a velvety texture. It features four bags, including two checked-in, a carry-on, and a cabin bag. 

Carry-on and checked-in luggage are similar in structure from outside and inside. They all appear bulky and have a simple design with a main compartment and mesh pocket. 

The overnighter is almost similar in design, compared to the same bags of other brands, as it has a simple hollow compartment and mesh pocket on front side, and the inside of the lid has multiple small pockets for accessories. 

It has unique looks and durable build that made it popular among its customers. Maybe this is the reason their pricing is premium.

London Fog As A Brand

London Fog is a fashion brand that is famous for its unique Jackets, Coats, and Shoes for both men and women. Iconix Brand Group owns this company, and it is around 100 years old.

They started their journey from making coats for an army in world wars to filing bankruptcy due to a market crash. From one owner to another, this brand has seen many ups and downs, and still, they have maintained themselves very well. 

London Fog also got featured on a TV show named Madman, and thousands of people visit their online store to buy their outerwear. However, you will only find luggage on the retail sites mentioned above. 

Buyer’s Guide

Is London Fog A Good Luggage Brand?

Qualitywise, London Fog is a great luggage brand despite mainly known for its outerwear. Hundreds of people bought their bags and luggage and they loved it (except few). 

You may find their travel products on their shop on retail sites, and they could be pricey for you compared to other products of other brands.

Warranty & Returns

London Fog has a smooth return policy, but they will only accept those products that are bought from their site. Plus, you need to fulfill their criteria and give a reason for a full refund. 

In case you got any defective London Fog item from another retailer. Then, you must return it to the retailer from where it was purchased; London Fog won’t process it. Head to their contact page for further query.


As I mentioned above, London Fog is a popular brand, and it has quite a following on its social media pages. They regularly update their social media pages by uploading engaging posts and deals. 

Hundreds of people have followed their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and You can visit these pages from here directly. 

The Bottom Line

London Fog is a well-known brand that has been offering its services for almost a hundred years. They are famous for their jackets and coats, but their travel products are being sold on retail sites

If I compare these products and their pricing, their quality is good, but pricing is moderate, and there are a lot of affordable brands like Rockland, Hanke, Amazon Basics, and others offering similar products.

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