Coolife Luggage Review: Is Coolife Luggage Good?

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Coolife is a small luggage brand mainly focused on customers who require some value for what they are charged. Coolife is among the brands that offer luggage and bags at reasonable prices

Hundreds (if not thousands) of people loved their products and gave a 4.2+ star rating on average. I would align Coolife with brands like Rockland, Hanke, and others. 

In the below article, I have listed all of their popular products along with the buyer’s guide.

Coolife Luggage Review


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Quality Products
  • Satisfied Customers


  • Have Alternative Options
  • Limited Variety

Coolife 19 Inch Compact Weekender Bag

coolife duffel bag

Coolife Weekender is compact in design, and it fits easily under the seat or overhead compartment of the plane. Its rough and rigid texture makes it handy to carry it anywhere for traveling. 

In its main compartment, it offers enough space for a short trip and three zipper pockets, including a side one for shoes and two at the front for documents or easy-to-access items. 

On the backside, it has a tag holder with the Coolife logo and trolley sleeves to mount on rolling luggage. The strap and top handles are both comfy and tightly stitched with a base for durability. 

Among its buyers, it is popular and has a 4.8-star rating for its durability, lightweight material, water-resistant capability, compact design, pricing, and storage for short trips.

Coolife 16 Inch Carry-on Softside Underseater

coolife underseater

Coolife under seater is only a soft-side bag and it is made of durable material with a stylish look compared to similar bags of other brands. Its well-structured and clean design is the most admirable aspect of it. 

From inside, it has a spacious hollow space with a side border with multiple pockets for electronic devices. Its zipper lid has additional mesh and plastic pockets for small accessories. 

It has three zipper pockets, a USB charging port, a top handle, and a telescopic handle for smooth mobility. For its price, it is made of durable material and has spacious storage with a stylish appearance.

More than a hundred people have loved and given a 4.3-star rating to this under-seater. For something affordable, consider Rockland Melrose under seater.

Coolife Expandable Hardside Luggage

coolife hardside luggage

Coolife Expandable luggage is a most-sold item, and it is rewarded with an Amazon Choice Badge. Thousands of people have bought it and given it around a 4.3-star rating. 

Like others, It has a telescopic handle, a TSA-approved lock for safety, and smooth-rolling wheels.

Its outer shell is designed with beveled thick arrows to resist any shock, and it expands around 15% of its size for extra storage. Its interior is as simple as others and features two compartments. 

It comes in six colors and three size variations, including small, medium, and large. They also come combined in a set of three. The majority of people loved it because of its durability and price.

Coolife Sleek Design 2-Piece Luggage Set

coolife luggage set

Among all listed items, this 2-piece Luggage set is sleek-looking with a unique design resembling Level 8 hard-side luggage. Hundreds of people loved it and gave it a 4+ star rating. 

It comes in four color variations in a set of 2 or alone as a carry-on. Both compartments’ zippers can be locked in TSA lock at the same time for peace of mind. Its wheel housing is sturdy compared to similar luggage of other brands.

It has a robotic vibe design with an easy-to-access front compartment with pockets for a laptop, tablets, and other electronic devices. The larger compartment also offers spacious space for clothes for a whole week.  

Coolife As A Brand

Coolife is a small brand, and it is mainly popular for its hard side and soft side luggage and sets. It is among the luggage brands with quality service

According to their site, a couple named Ivan and Vivian started a luggage factory in the late 1900s, and by 2008, they opened the Coolife brand. However, their products are manufactured in China for better pricing.

But Its name Coolife trademarked under Shenzen YUANDAOYUAN Industry. Thousands of customers visit their sites and buy their products on retail sites. From time to time, they also offer discounts on their products and up to 5% for new customers.

Buyer’s Guide For Coolife 


After examining Coolife’s most-sold products and comparing them with similar products in the market. Coolife doesn’t have some high-end products, but they have affordable ones. `

Moreover, some of their product designs are unique, with better features and usability, like locks for two zippers or sturdy wheel housing. Consider this brand as budget-friendly

Customer Reviews

In total, more than fifteen thousand people have bought the above-listed products combined and rated them 4.3 stars, indicating their popularity among its users

Coolife is not a premium brand, and it has just focused on two important factors: quality products and service at reasonable prices

Rarely, you may not have a great experience with them due to some unfortunate event


Almost all luggage brands in the market sell similar quality products with little difference. However, you would find a considerable difference in price proportional to quality

Among them are brands like Rockland, Hanke, and Amazon Basics, which sell affordable products. Beis, It, and Level8 are branded ones.

Warranty & Returns

Coolife offers a 30-day return policy with 2 years of warranty after a purchase of the product. Unfortunately, their terms for returning products are complicated, and one might not get a proper idea about it. 

In order to file the return, you first need to contact them via email at [email protected] or by filling out a form that they recommend. They will reply to you within a few business days. 

At last, after fulfilling all requirements, they will decide the amount to be refunded as per individual case. For further inquiry, you can visit their site and contact them via phone as well.  


Coolife has social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, with occasional posts and little customer engagement. 

Their latest post was published on Instagram, while other accounts are left alone for more than half a year. You can directly visit their social media account from here for more information. 


Is Coolife Luggage Good?

Coolife is a value-for-money brand alongside Rockland, Hanke, and others. Hundreds of customers have positively reviewed their products, and their products last for a reasonable time for their price. 

Who Makes Coolife Luggage?

Coolife luggage and other products are manufactured in China, and you can find this information easily in product descriptions on Amazon.  

The Bottom Line

Coolife is a simple luggage brand that is mostly popular for its luggage and bags, unique design, and affordability. 

In a nutshell, if you want something budget-friendly. Then, you must take a look at Coolife products, or you can also explore other luggage brands in the market we have covered.

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