Luggex Luggage Review: Versatile For Its Design

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Luggex is a small brand selling its products mostly on retail sites like Amazon and others. On these sites, hundreds of people have bought and shared their positive experiences with their products.

Their products are unique in design and mostly resemble Level8 luggage, medium to high in quality at affordable rates like aluminum luggage. They also provide better customer service in case of any possible unfortunate event.

They do not have any websites or social media accounts for customers and social engagement. In the below article, I have reviewed their well known products and also presented you with their alternatives.

Luggex Luggage Review


  • Affordable
  • Great Quality & Design
  • Quality Customer Service


  • Does Not Have a Website
  • Low Social Engagement

Luggex 16 Inch Softside Underseater Bags

luggage underseater

For small trips, the Luggex under-seater offers an ideal amount of storage for clothes on a trip of a day or so, including a dedicated laptop pocket, and multiple pockets for small items and accessories to organize

It is made of durable polyester fiber used for durability, 4-step telescopic handles, and durable wheel housings. Both wheels, along with pads, keep this bag above the ground and stable.

Customer Review: More than fifty people have found it roomy with organized storage options and durability. Plus, it does feel heavy as it weighs around six pounds

To ensure your bag fits under the seat or in the overhead compartment of an airplane, avoid overpacking. Additionally, this bag has a unique design with multiple pockets, making it a one-of-a-kind item. 

Alternative Options: I would suggest Trpc under-seater as an affordable option, and thousands of people loved it. From premier to affordable, you can also browse other options in the market. 

Luggex Carry On Luggage With Front Pocket

luggex carry on

Alongside Level 8, Luggex also offers front pocket luggage with a sleek, techy design. One thing I like about this luggage is its TSA lock, which locks both main zippers, unlike Level 8 front pocket luggage.

Inside the front pocket, you have two cushy pouches for large laptops and iPads, Type C and USB cables for a power bank attached to a charging outlet, and small pouches for accessories. 

The interior is simple and has two compartments and for larger size luggage, the front pocket opens into the main compartment. Furthermore, It comes in seven colors and two size variations. 

Customer Review: More than 500 people shared their experience with this luggage and found it sturdy and convenient in terms of design and usage. However, few people found its wheels broken after a single trip. 

Alternative Options: Level8 and Samsonite both have similar-looking luggage, but still, I recommend this one. It has positive customer reviews and a dual-chain TSA lock, unlike others. 

Luggex Zipperless Aluminum Luggage 


Luggex also sells one of the most affordable aluminum luggage in the market. Despite having little design difference, it almost resembles Level8 aluminum luggage, which is selling at double the price

From inside, it has multiple zipper pockets on the cover of each compartment, and both compartments have enough space to keep stuff for your trip. 

A small charging outlet is given at the top of the shell and this shell is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a standing man. There is only one variation of 20-inch available. 

Customer Review: Although there are only two people who shared their experience, both of them were happy, especially with the price that they paid. 

Alternative Options: This luggage is an affordable and yet reasonable option in the market. However, brands like Aleon, Level8, and Sterling Pacific also sell aluminum luggage but at higher prices

Buyer’s Guide For Luggex

Quality & Customer Service

Mostly, Luggex sells hard-side luggage and it has done a pretty job in maintaining its position in the market against giant brands. There are a few key factors for it.

Product Design: Alongside usual hardshell luggage, they also have aluminum luggage, front pocket luggage, dual-chain TSA lock and others. They are offering quality products at affordable rates

Overall, the impression of customers was positive, and they were happy with their purchase. Some also were not happy with the wheel’s quality, but Luggex support took care of it. 

Warranty & Returns

As I mentioned above, Luggex is mainly selling its products on Amazon, so by default you are eligible for Amazon’s 30-day return policy. 

On Amazon, you can also reach out to them for a return against any manufacturing defect.

Luggex As a Luggage Brand

Luggex is a small brand, and it sells its products on retail sites, especially on Amazon. Mostly, they sell luggage or travel bags, and over time, they have become popular for their uniqueness and affordability

Website & Socials

Luggex does not have a business website or any other social media account that I could find. Nor is there much information available online about this brand

Who Owns Luggex Brand?

I am not fully sure, but I think Luggex is owned by a company named Guangzhou Luggex Technology Co., Ltd, as it contains Luggex in its name, and it has a trademark registered to its name.

Where Luggex Luggage Are Made?

Luggex Luggage are made in China, probably to sell it at an affordable cost and compete in the market. You can find this detail in the product description of the Luggex product on Amazon. 

The Bottom Line

Are Luggex Luggage Worth it? Yes, Despite being a small brand, Luggex has tried to deliver quality products at affordable prices, especially if you look at their aluminum luggage and compare it to others I mentioned above. 

However, they have limited variations, especially in soft-side luggage, and for that, Travelpro Maxlite 5 might be a great option for you. 

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