Perry Ellis Luggage Review

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Perry Ellis is a fashion brand that offers a wide range of men’s products with excellent quality. They also sell luggage and bags as their side products on retail sites. 

The quality of their luggage is average to medium as some products have better quality while some don’t. However, there are multiple luggage brands in market selling similar or better products.

In the below article, I have reviewed five Perry Ellis luggage along with a buyer’s guide and little about Perry Ellis.

Perry Ellis Luggage Review


  • Well Known & Reputed Brand
  • Popular For Fashion & Fragrance
  • Better Customer Service


  • Not A Luggage Brand
  • Very Few Travel Products
  • Average To Medium Quality

Perry Ellis 22” Canvas Duffel Bag

perry ellis canvas

Perry Ellis Canvas bag is simple in design and offers a single main compartment to store your belongings. Besides that, It has two small zipper pockets, one outside and one inside, for smaller items. 

The quality of this bag seems pretty good, and each joint is stitched durably. It has side clips, which are great for compacting or expanding the bag for more storage. 

Each corner is stitched with leather for durability, and both handles have leather straps for easy grip. 

Unfortunately, only a few customers bought this bag, despite the price being within a reasonable range. You can also check alternative options that are reviewed by hundred of people.

Perry Ellis Rolling Carry-On Underseater

perry ellis underseater

Perry Ellis Rolling Tote Bag is like a dwarf version of rolling luggage as an under seater. It has multiple pockets and spacious space to store items. It has four small pockets outside and a main compartment. 

It is simple in design from the inside and offers a deep hollow cavity for storing items and three zipper pockets, including two plastic ones inside the lid for smaller items. 

Quality and features-wise, it offers spacious storage and a handy to carry or drag with its handle and wheels. Quality could be better and It may disappoint you, especially if you are buying it for frequent usage

Over the years, just around a hundred people have used and reviewed this bag, and most were happy because of the space. Some people also pointed out its oversize dimensions for airlines, while some were not happy with built quality.

Perry Ellis 24” Rolling Duffel Bag


Perry Ellis Duffel bag features a simple design, but many people admire it for its durability and storage in which you can carry clothes for almost a month old trip.

Additionally, it has two zipper pockets; one at the front for shoewear and the other at the side for smaller items. You can carry it with strap handles or drag it smoothly with a telescopic handle and wheels. 

Quality and storage are the main plus points of this bag, and most people loved it for that. You can pack up to 40 lbs of weight inside without worrying about its durability.

The pricing of this bag is high, and other brands like Rockland offer similar duffel bags with multiple size variations at very affordable prices. 

Perry Ellis Lexington Softside Carry-On Luggage

perry ellis Lexington luggage

Perry Ellis Lexington soft-side luggage is not different than typical soft-side bags of other brands as it is almost similar in design. It features two medium size zipper pockets and a central large pocket.

It has a spacious compartment with average buckle straps, a mesh zipper pocket, and small pouches. The quality of this luggage is at a medium level as some customers complained about its durability

Comparing this luggage with luggage of other brands, you can find better quality products or affordable ones from renowned brands like Samsonite, Rockland, and others.

Perry Ellis Delancey Hard-shell Carry-On luggage

perry ellis delancy

Out of a few Perry Ellis Hard-shell luggage, Delancey is one the most loved luggage mainly because of its design and durability. From the inside, its design is almost similar to Lexington soft-side luggage.

It splits into two halves, one for clothes and the other with zipper pockets for different items. Its outer shell is made with sturdy material and a shock-resistant design. 

Most people liked it for multiple reasons, including its sturdiness, allowed dimensions for airline travel, smooth rolling, and loop clip for carrying extra baggage. 

Pricing is almost the same as hardshell luggage of other brands. However, remember to browse some juicy deals offered by other brands offering similar luggage with excellent ratings.

Perry Ellis As A Brand

Perry Ellis is a men’s fashion brand offering various products, from wearables to shoes, accessories, jewelry, and others. It was founded by the late Perry Ellis, born in 1940.

Over the years, this brand has received multiple medals and awards. Now it is well-reputed, and thousands of people visit their site. Since its launch, they have been introducing newer collections and product lines for its audience.

Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, I could not find any luggage or bags on their site but on their Amazon store. Because of competition, there were no consistent buyers of their travel products. 

Buyer’s Guide


As I said above, Perry Ellis travel products are listed and sold on Amazon, and these are just a few. Some products are better in quality while others are average.

Above, I have listed five high-rated Perry Ellis travel products and also briefed you about the quality of each and their alternative


As Perry Ellis travel products are sold on Amazon, your bought products are eligible for 30 days of return policy. Plus, they also offer 60 days of return for their undamaged products. 

You can contact them via [email protected]; apply for a return on their site with the original receipt, order number, email, and shipping zip code. For more information, you can visit their site


Perry Ellis does not sell luggage and bags specifically, these are just their side little product category. Some brands like Samsonite, Wrangler, Travelpro, Rockland, and others has better quality, deals and affordable pricing

Alongside other luggage brands, above mentioned brands are at least expert in their fields of travel products.  


Perry Ellis is a famous brand that has done a great job in engaging its audience. Their PinterestInstagram, and Facebook are well-updated and have thousands of followers with active viewership.

They also run campaigns, offer frequent deals, and launch new arrivals from time to time. Make sure to follow if you are a fan of their products. 

Other Products: 

Perry Ellis is mainly a menswear brand, and you will find almost everything ranging from shirts, suits, shoewear, undergarments, fragrances, and others. 

They also have other sister brands in fashion and clothing, like Rafaella, Penguin, Callaway, and Cubavera, each targeting a different audience.  

The Bottom Line

Lastly, Perry Ellis is a men’s fashion brand, and their main focus is centered around it. Due to fierce competition in luggage industry, there is little to now demand of their products and have less frequent buyers. 

You can also visit other luggage brands that I reviewed for you. I always try to suggest you a suitable option for you to travel. 

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