Amazon Basics Luggage Review: Quality at Affordable Cost

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Amazon Basics is known for its quality products and service at very affordable prices. This brand started around 2009 and has been contributing its share in Amazon Ecosystem. 

Compared to other categories, Amazon has some travel items and does not offer a lot of variations. However, these items are better in quality, at least if you buy a suitcase at the same price from another brand. 

Below are popular Amazon Basics travel bags which people bought and loved. 

Amazon Basics Luggage Review

Amazon Basics Carry-on Backpack

Amazon Basics carry-on backpack is one of the best-selling backpacks because of its feature. Its design is simple and has 4 pockets; two small for little items and two main for larger items. 

The middle main pocket opens like a carry-on, with a mesh pocket at the top and huge storage with a strap to store a few days of clothes for a trip. 

Beside the middle pocket is an expandable zipper that significantly expands and collapses the backpack, along with four small buckle straps on the sides.

The second large pocket is specially designed with a cushion and strap for a laptop or iPad. Putting any device will make your back straight to keep your posture in position, which might be annoying for you.

You can carry it with a comfortable shoulder strap, sternum strap, or side strap. Quality wise, people loved it, and only a few complained about its stitching at the shoulder strap.

Navy Blue Amazon Basics Cabin Luggage

The Navy Blue suitcase is among the most affordable and durable items on this list, and many people love it for its price. For durability, this suitcase built is medium in quality and can get bent by a hard impact. 

The outer cover is smooth and glassy, which looks cool, and it comes in only one color option and 3 different size options. One thing to note is that its shell texture is smooth and can easily get scratched.

The interior is simple and practical, divided into two compartments; one for clothes with x strap. The other compartment has a zipper lid with small pockets.

It also has an expandable zipper for extra storage and 4 pairs of dual wheels for smooth mobility. It can carry around 45 lbs of weight and is worth the money compared to other suitcases. 

Popular Amazon Basics Hardside Luggage

As the name suggests, this is one of the most popular and loved Amazon basics luggage. Regardless of similarity in design with others, this luggage is mostly popular for its building at its price. 

One lady said,” Accidently, this luggage fell off the stairs while traveling, and it survived with little to no scratches and dents”. Many people praise it for this reason. 

Its outer shell is designed to absorb shock and is available in four colors and three sizes. You can also buy it in sets of 2 or 3, depending on your requirements. 

It opens into two main compartments, one with a buckle strap and the other with a zipper lid with mesh pockets, similar to others. The one thing that is missing is a TSA lock for security.

You can buy a lock separately, especially if you are traveling by airline. For its price, the amount of love and attention it got makes it the best item on this list. 

Vienna Expandable Amazon Basics Luggage

Vienna Expandable is among the most liked suitcases of Amazon basics as it is bought and loved by many people. Its outer shell gives a vibe of leather with horizontal contrasting strips. 

Its shell is partially flimsy, which is good and bad at the same time. Unlike a hard shell, it gets bent easily and does not rapture instantly, which makes it ideal for repair.

In functionality and features, it is almost the same as other suitcases. It has 4 dual wheels, and side handles for smooth mobility and lift. It is available in 2 size variations and 3 color options for storage. 

Besides its thin shell, it does not come with TSA Approved lock, which is necessary for your belongings, especially if traveling by air. 

Oxford Amazon Basics Suitcase

Oxford Amazon basics suitcase is last and also my favorite for some concrete reasons. First of all, thousands of people loved it for many different reasons. 

This suitcase comes with TSA approved lock and promising hardshell. It has a professional, carbon fiber-like look shell with grey or black shine. 

It offers spacious space to store your stuff, and it moves like melting butter which is a plus point among its users. It is also available in two different size variations. 

Its outer shell is hard and smooth in texture; it gets scratched easily, resulting in a dull appearance. Also, ensure your item is not broken while receiving it, or you may use their replacement option. 

About Amazon Basics As A Brand

As the name suggests, Amazon Basics is a brand of Amazon itself launched in 2009, intending to offer items at a very affordable price than other brands without compromising quality. 

It has grown a lot over the years, and its success made it expand into other major categories like household, electronics, travel, etc. Most of its products are made in China, especially electronics, but they are still popular. 

Amazon basics are a small part of the Amazon ecosystem and contribute little to business. Its main objective is to provide quality products at affordable prices. 

Buyers Guide

Customer Satisfaction

Amazon Basics is among the few brands at the top regarding customer satisfaction. Comparing it with other brands where they want to file a return on their site, the process does not seem to end. 

Instead, in their case, Amazon is directly responsible for its sold product and has a vast logistics and customer service network to make every customer happy. 

Regardless of all those efforts, a few unfortunate people are left unhappy. As you may know, nothing is perfect.  

You can return the item within 30 days of purchase if the damaged item is shipped or against manufacturer defect. 


Amazon Basics also have social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are pretty active In item promotion and awareness. 

They also launch discount campaigns occasionally, and thousands of people follow and buy their quality products at affordable pricing. 

Other Products

Travel Luggage and accessories are just a small part of Amazon Basics. You will find almost every basic product in electronics, Home and Garden, and more. 

Below are some popular Amazon Basics products from other categories that might be handy for your journey. 

The Bottom Line

In the above article, I discussed Amazon Basics as a brand, its travel products, and a buyer’s guide. Which I hope becomes helpful for you. 

To summarize, Amazon Basics offers a great line of products at low prices but lacks variety. Other brands sell bags and suitcases as their soul products with a lot of variety. 

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