Level8 Luggage Review: Why People Love Their Luggage? 

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Level 8 cases are popular for their luggage products, mostly because of the design they offer, like a luggage front pocket or sleek-looking Voyageur. It is lined among brands like Samsonite and Tumi. 

They do have a limited line of products, including luggage, laptop bags, and accessories. In general, people loved their luggage and other products and rated them 4+ stars

In the article below, I have listed their popular products along with their similar alternatives, selling at affordable pricing.

Level8 Luggage Review


  • Quality Material
  • Creative & Sleek Design
  • Customers Trust As Legit Brand


  • Medium In Price
  • Have Affordable Alternatives

Level8 4-Packing Cubes For Carry-on

Source: level8.com

Besides luggage, Level8 also offers a set of 4-packing cubes, including two small bags for cosmetics and hygiene products. A medium size cube, which is enough for storing 5 to 6 rolled-up casual shirts. 

Lastly, the fourth largest cube is handy for further clothes. All of these bags are 4 inches in depth, which makes them less bulky

Each cube is made of polyester to make it sturdy and water-resistant. Small cubes have replaceable partitions and zipper mesh pockets. In comparison, 18 and 12-inch cubes are plain from the inside with only a single zipper. 

Customer Review: People loved and reviewed it 4.6 stars for its usage, zippers, and cool detachable labels. However, few customers found it costly.

Alternative: If you want something else, consider these best-selling cubes at affordable pricing. 

Level8 Laptop Backpack

Source: level8.com

Due to its in-built cushioned pocket; the Level8 backpack is preferred by many students for their 15.6” size laptops. It features a compact design and would look great on a person’s back. 

Out of six pockets, the main pocket opens 180 degrees, has two sections, and has a wide space in between. The laptop section has built-in small sponges for impact resistance

The middle pocket is divided by a cushy subsection attached with a velcro strap for books, clothes, and other stuff. Front and side pockets offer enough space for small accessories and bottles. 

Customer Review: People have loved it and found it durable, stylish, and ideal for laptops. The overall response is positive.

Alternative: For more affordable laptop backpack options with similar features and designs, make sure to check them

Level8 Grace Hardside Luggage With Front Pocket

Source: level8.com

For its front pocket feature, Level8 Grace luggage is among the most popular luggage of its kind. It is made of Abs material with beveled lines and metal protective edges to make it sturdy.

Its front pocket is handy and offers two cushy pouches for Laptop and tablet. On the lid side, it has multiple small pockets for accessories. This bag also expands a bit for extra storage and comes in five colors and three size variations.

From the inside, it opens into two spacious compartments for clothes and both have their separate covers for keeping things in place.

Customer Review: More than five thousand people have reviewed it 4.5 stars and loved it for quality, easy usage, and smooth rolling. 

Affordable Alternative: Brands like Luggex and Coolife also sell similar luggage with front pockets at lower prices

Level8 Gibraltar Aluminum Luggage

Source: level8.com

Along with other hard-side luggage and bags, Level8 also sells aluminum luggage. Gibraltar luggage has a plain design and comes in two color options: silver and gray

It does not have a zipper. Instead, it has two closings mounted by locks for additional security. Besides the telescopic handle, it also has adjustable handles, one at the top and the other on the side.  

The interior is simple and offers two main compartments with top covering. Each cover is thick and has a mesh pocket for simpler items. 

Customer Review: Overall, it checks almost all the boxes of quality luggage, and more than 200 people reviewed it with more than 4-star ratings. In general, aluminum suitcases are expensive, and this one is priced somewhere in between

Affordable Alternative: Along with other brands, Luggex has similar-looking luggage at half of the cost

Level8 As A Luggage Brand

Level8 is a medium-sized luggage brand operating in America and Europe as well. According to Yahoo, Level8cases is owned by Level 8 Group Corp, and Stevin Lin is the CEO. They are based in Ave, Flushing, New York, 11354, United States. 

They are known for their quality travel products, including Luggage, Bags, Sets, and others. Instead of tons of variations in products, they tend to focus more on quality.

Thousands of people visit their site, and avail deals and offers, especially in the holiday season.

Buyer’s Guide

Quality & Customer Reviews

The quality of Level8 Luggage is medium to high with a unique and elegant looking design. Thousands of customers prefer this brand’s product.

The overall impression of all customers for almost all of their products is positive, with great ratings for appearance, quality, and portability. 

However, like any other brand, it also has a small percentage of people who were left unhappy due to unfortunate events like broken wheels and others. 

Suggestion: I recommend you to buy any luggage from any brand two weeks before your trip, so you have room to check it and then return it if it is not up to your standards.

Returns & Warranty

Return: There are two situations. 1) If you bought it from a retail site like Amazon, then you have to use/follow their return policy, which is around 30 days

On the other hand, If you bought any product from their site, it could result in a hassle as you need to return it within 7 days of purchase at your own cost

Warranty: Level8 offers its warranty against items with manufacturing defects. Any damage made by any accident or airline carriers, they won’t be responsible. 

Except for their Atlas backpack, they offer One year of limited warranty on their bags and accessories. Atlas backpack has a lifetime limited warranty.

To claim a warranty, you need to contact their support, and based on each unique case, they will try to make the best out of it. You do not need to register your product on their site. 


Level8 is a legit brand that puts effort into building its social footprint by communicating and offering different deals like Christmas deals in December. 

Their social pages have a healthy following, with Instagram and Facebook at the top with hundreds of followers. Below, I am leaving their social page links for you to check them. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Level8Group

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/level8_official/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Level8Group

The Bottom Line

Is Level 8 Worth it? Yes, Level8 is among the market’s top luggage brands and has also built its reputation through its creatively designed products and quality. 

I would put this brand along with Samsonite, Tumi, and others. However, there are affordable options as well, and I have provided links above for each product. 

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