Aleon Luggage Review: How Is Their Aluminum Luggage?

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Aleon Case is a company that specializes in providing high-quality storage solutions for professionals and hobbyists alike.

They also claim to be using aircraft-grade aluminum which is similar in strength. Aleon’s luggage line was launched first in 2016, with additional product offerings such as laptop bags, backpacks, briefcases, and more added since then.

There are many different types of products offered by Aleon; however, this article will focus specifically on their luggage’ features pricing versus similar offerings from competitors in the market today.

Aleon Luggage Review

Keys Points:

  • Specialize In Aluminum & ABS Products
  • Offer Variety Of Options
  • Made Of High Grade Materials
  • Medium In Pricing

Aleon Aluminum Carry-on Luggage

aluminum underseater

These Aleon 16″, 17”, 20”, and 21” Aluminum Vertical Carry-on Luggage are the perfect choice for anyone needing a reliable piece of luggage that can stand up to frequent use.

These items of luggage are secured with one TSA-approved draw bolt key lock, which ensures all your belongings and possessions will be safe during travel.

The piano hinges and double-reinforced corners provide added durability to the overall design hard body case. The removable interior business organizer keeps them secure and in place.

With four high-density double quad 360-degree spinner wheels and multi-stage locking telescoping handle handles, these items of luggage are easy to maneuver.

Aleon Aluminum Checked the Luggage

aleon aluminum 30 inch luggage

Aleon check-in luggage are designed to provide an extra level of security and protection for important items during travel.

These items of luggage come in sizes ranging from 26” to 30”, providing enough room for larger items such as laptops, cameras, textbooks, and more.

The rigid construction of the items of luggage is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, making them strong and durable while also lightweight. The interior hard-side luggage is fully lined and comes with straps to keep items in place during transport.

The items of luggage have a four wheels system, which makes it easy to maneuver when you’re moving around airports or train stations. They also come with TSA-approved locks for added security.


Digital Rfid theft protection

Hackers have shady tools which they use to hover over your luggage to scan any credit card details present inside your case.

Aleon Case offers special RFID protection to help keep your wallet information safe. Aluminum blocks any kind of signal to access your credit card information.

Resettable TSA-Approved Lock

TSA-approved locks are important while traveling on the plane as customs and other relative departments have the right to open any suspected case. TSA locks can be opened by these authorities with a special key and locked back.

Without it, your case will be left open in wild. Also, Aleon locks are resettable, you can choose to change your desired set of code combinations for better security.

Telescopic and Spring Handle

Aleon Case has telescopic and spring handles. The telescopic handle provides you extra length for better handling of the luggage while the spring handle helps in easy maneuvering of the suitcase.

Water-Resistant with Rubber Seal

Aleon case is made of water-resistant aluminum material, it has a special rubber seal to keep all your stuff safe and dry inside the case. It also keeps dust out of the suitcase and helps to keep it in pristine condition for longer periods.

Lightweight and Durable Built

Aleon luggage is lightweight and comes with a durable build. The company uses a similar strength aluminum alloy which is used in aircraft, so it keeps the whole structure strong and rigid at all times.

About Aleon Luggage Brand

Founded in 2015, the company offers two distinct lines of products: Aluminum luggage as sturdy storage options and ABS plastic products specially designed for ammunition, tools, firearms, and other valuables.

As part of their commitment to giving back to society, they donate a portion of each sale they make to the Abundant Life Foundation. In addition to this philanthropic effort, Aleon has been featured at NAB 2022 showcasing its products on an international platform.

Buyers Guide

Warranty & Return Policy

Aleon Case offers 10 years of limited warranty on almost all their products which will repair scratches, dents, and dings that are not covered in the warranty.

Only manufacturer defects will be repaired, any damage by a third party will not be accounted for within a warranty. You can fill out their online form to claim a warranty or you can go to their repair store.

Design Aesthetics & Quality

Aleon luggage is designed with utmost precision and quality. They have a sleek design that can help you to stand out in the crowd.

Their cases come in different colors and finishes such as Matte, Black, Gold, and Silver. The material they use is also quite premium which gives it an overall luxurious feel.

Pricing & Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Pricing of Aleon luggage is a bit high than other brands. Not only price but also customers do not seem to be interested in purchasing their products due to lack of marketing and pouring complaints.

Many have complained about its customer service as not good, while some got their item damaged.

Alternative Aluminum Luggage Brands

There are many other brands selling aluminum luggage and they have solid customer accusation. Out of them Tumi is top of list followed by Rimova, sterling pacific, Italic, level8 and Away.

Types Of Aleon Aluminum Luggage

Out of a wide range of products, Aleon has two categories of luggage; one is carry-on luggage for easy-to-carry usage while the other is checked luggage for larger storage.

Carry-on luggage comes in different sizes ranging from 15” to 21” and 26” to 30” checked luggage for different applications and size requirements.

Below are three different items of luggage based on applications offered by Aleon.

  • Suitor: Designed to fit two suits, it has a separate section for shirts and another one for trousers.
  • Business: Perfect for business trips, it has two or three layers of compartments and is fully lined.
  • Hardside: Same as a suitor but it does not come with a suitor. It comes with two rigid compression panels to store as much as you can.

The Bottom Line

Aleon luggage is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a sturdy case that can withstand the rigors of travel.

It has great features such as digital RFID theft protection, resettable TSA locks, telescopic and spring handles for easy maneuvering, and a water-resistant rubber seal to keep your items safe from dust and moisture.

The aluminum construction makes them lightweight yet durable, while their design aesthetics add an extra touch of luxury. While the price may be slightly higher than other brands, it’s worth considering if you value quality over cost.

However, customer satisfaction ratings are not so favorable due to poor customer service and damaged products received by some customers.

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