Sterling Pacific Luggage Review: [Stylish & Durable]

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Sterling Pacific is well known for its only product, its aluminum luggage and it comes in two different variations based on size; 35L cabin travel case & 80L cargo case. Their luggage is features rich, esthetic in design, and durable in build.

Aluminum as metal is light and durable, as it is used in many industrial applications like aviation, food, travel, and others. People prefer it for travel as they want extra security and peace of mind.

In the below article; I have reviewed and simplified each and every necessary detail that you might need to get information about sterling Pacific luggage. You do not need to go anywhere else;

Sterling Pacific Luggage Review

Key Points:

  • Have Only One Products With 2 Size Variations
  • Great Attention To Detail With Italian Touch
  • Special Discount For Person From Aviation
  • It is Pricey Compare To Other Luggage


Sterling Pacific luggage is renowned for its high-quality construction. The suitcase is constructed from durable aluminum 5052 metal, which has been designed with patented Impact Bearing ridges that provide an extra layer of durability.

Aluminum 5052 is made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium, which is resistant to corrosion and medium in strength. Additionally, reinforced aluminum corners provide additional strength against drops and collisions.

The suitcase also features rust-free stainless steel rivets that hold the edges and hinges securely in place While aluminum is a strong material it can be easily scratched because of its nature. This should be taken into consideration to purchasing any product made from aluminum.

The benefits of this suitcase include its safe design and overall durability, which makes it a great option for travelers who pack but wish to protect their belongings securely. Also aluminum is one of the light materials for these kinds of applications.


Sterling Pacific luggage comes with a range of features to make traveling as stress-free and easy as possible. The brand logo is engraved metal strip in the center at the top, ensuring its identity is expressed.

There are no zippers on the outside and it closes like a suitcase, with two built-in TSA-approved locks for added security. It also has a plastic seal at closing which keeps it water-resistant.

The luggage has three handles – one on the side for horizontal lifting, two at the top for vertical lifting or extending out for dragging – all made from durable full grain Italian leather, which is comfortable to grip and hold even when the suitcase is full.

The telescopic handle is metal and sturdy, providing long-lasting durability. However, Italian leather comes from a small town of Veneto, Itlay named Chiampo.

The wheels are designed with aluminum wheel housing and they are oversized compared to the frame. The two legs against each wheel keep baggage raised off the ground while dragging or in a stationary position, in order to protect it from any damage.

It has just two dual thru axle wheels, unlike other baggage with four wheels. This luggage is a bit hard to drag as it requires more force but it remains stable in moving train or bus.

The interior of the suitcase is plain yet functional; covered in high-quality twill weaved linen cloth. Twill weave is just a different way of weaving clothes in a diagonal pattern which results in strong cloth.

Plus, there is only one wide simple space with two buckle strap belts for the cloth to be in place. The ridge design may sometimes feel annoying and bumpy from the insides as it seems to take up a lot of space.

As I said, these ridges take up a bit of space at the cost of sturdiness. Still, there is a lot of room left to carry at least two layers of clothes.

There is a zipper mesh pocket inside of the top lid. Which is handy for documents or easy-to-access stuff. The zipper quality is great and works smoothly.

Finally, a goodie package also comes with every sterling Pacific luggage, including a manual, pen, pouch, small microfibre cloth, and leather conditioner, which you should apply once in a while to keep the leather handle moist and fresh.

Size & Weight

Sterling Pacific offers just one product in two different size variations. They have focused on and perfected their only product for regular travelers who love long-lasting and durable cases.

Variations: one is Carry-on and the other is Check-in. Both suitcases have significant size, weight, and weight-bearing capacity.

According to them, the sizes of both suitcases are allowed in most aviation companies. Again, it would be wise for you to check it again.

Aluminium Carry on Luggage: It has dimensions of 22.5″ x 14″ x 8.5″ and weighs around 11.5 lbs. It has a volume of 35 liters, which I think is enough. It can easily fit inside the overhead storage compartment of the plane.

Aluminium Check in Luggage: It has dimensions of 33″ x 20″ x 9″ and weighs around 16.5 lbs. It has a volume of 80 Litre and its dimensions are in the allowable size range.


When it comes to the pricing of sterling Pacific, most people resist. Pricing is comparatively equal if you consider brands like Rimova and Tumi.

If you need aluminum luggage on the budget then MVST and Level 8 might be a considerable option.

Sterling Pacific carry-on luggage costs around $1495 and check-in cost around $1995 with free shipping in the USA. You can apply installment plans on their website for easier payment options.


BrandsPrice For Carry on
Level 8Around $500
AleonAround $700
RimovaAround $1500
Sterling PacificAround $1500

About Sterling Pacific

Sterling Pacific has been around since 1907 when brothers Richard Herz and Carl Otto founded their jewelry and watch business in Reno. The Herz family’s dedication to quality, their company initially registered as R Herz & Bro, Inc.

They were travel enthusiasts and worked in many different cities across the world. In the 21st century, it was renamed under the sterling Pacific banner.

In 2018, Sterling Pacific was acquired by brand developer Galton Voysey. The new owners had a vision for the company, to create the perfect no-expense-spared aluminum luggage for frequent flyers and other travelers who value quality and style.

This vision was realized in 2021 when Sterling Pacific released their first travel cases with a 5052 aluminum body and die-cast A380 aluminum reinforced corner.

Buyers Guide For Sterling Pacific

Customer Satisfaction

The majority of the customers are happy with their purchase of sterling Pacific luggage. It is a one-time investment for them for their trips. However, very few people were not happy with the pricing, which is almost equal if compared to competitors.

People received looks and compliments while on their trips and used them for a longer period of time. They also got a 25% discount for licensed pilots and airline crew members. You would need an FAA certificate or airline ID to claim the offer.

Customer Service

Sterling Pacific suitcases are being sold online and through their retail partners spread in the USA and many other countries like the UK, Denmark, Canada, and Germany You can check out their address and information by heading to this page.

Note: The availability of these suitcases in different variations may vary from store to store. It is a possibility that you might not get what you are searching for.

Repair & Warranty: Sterling Pacific offers lifetime warranty and repair services to their customers. But there are some things to need to know. They offer a warranty on manufacturer defects interacting functionality of the product.

Damage done due to third parties like airlines or irresponsible handling, the company will not be responsible for that. Plus, they often supply complimentary parts of luggage like handles, which can be fixed by hand.

In case of a complicated issue, you might need to return it for repair at their center: 3515 Airway Dr in Reno, NV or you can contact at [email protected]. You will need a full name, receipt, and batch number engraved between the hinges.


You can contact sterling pacific by filling out the contact form on their website or you can email them directly at [email protected].


Despite being one of the great aluminum luggage brands, Sterling Pacific’s social accounts have average customer engagement and are partially active. You can go to their socials directly from here to get recent updates they uploaded.



Q1. Where are Sterling Pacific suitcases made?

According to their official site, their products are built in batches in China by their contractors under the supervision of their team. Each detail and craft is perfected to its top for convenience.

Q2. Is Sterling Pacific legit?

Yes, Sterling Pacific is 100% legit and they have been serving their customers with one of the top aluminum suitcases in the market. You can read about them above in the About section.

The Bottom Line

If you are out for aluminum luggage, then sterling pacific might be a great option for you. Although there are other brands out there, that are also selling aluminum suitcases. But everyone has got their own style and features at different pricing.

Although I have tried to review it as easily as possible, I would suggest you do self-research and make a decision based on it. Hope you liked it.

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