Dukap Luggage Review: Is Dukap Luggage Good?

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Dukap is a small to medium brand that sells multiple products, including furniture, luggage and others. In travel category, their hard-shell luggage collection is popular among its customers and rated around 4-stars

On the good side, Dukap claims to stand behind their products. They have ten years of limited warranty and a variety of products. While on opposite side, it has some unsatisfied customers due to apparent reasons like quality and durability. 

in the below article, I have reviewed Dukap products and compared them with other brands along with buyer’s guide.

Dukap Luggage Review


  • Unique Design
  • Medium In Price & Quality
  • Have Faith In Service


  • Minimal Social Engagement
  • Quality Can be Further Improved

Dukap Contender Duffel Bag

contender gym
Source: dukap.com

The contender duffel bag is the only gym bag Dukap offers, and it features spacious storage with multiple pockets. It has three medium size zipper pockets for storing shoes, easy-to-access items, and others.

You can carry your gym or sports equipment and clothes into its main compartment, offering a dense storage volume. Adjustable straps are handy to hold it with easy grip. 

Comparing its price with similar duffel bags of other brands like Amazon Basics and Adidas that are sold at lower prices. You might get it 2 to 3 times higher price on the official site than on Amazon. 

The quality of this bag is medium, and people feel attracted to duffel bags of well-known brands (stated above) offered at similar prices. 

Dukap Cruiser 15.6” Laptop Backpack

Source: dukap.com

Duakp Cruiser Backpack is one of the seven backpacks offered by Dukap, and it is suitable for carrying laptops and electronic devices. It is made of nylon material and features four zipper pockets. 

Its main pocket is designed to hold electronic devices as it is secured with a padded cushion. The front pocket is plain in design for easy-to-access accessories, and there are two side zipper pockets for charging through the USB port and putting smaller items. 

The quality of this bag is the same as other backpacks. However, it is kind of small and has fewer pockets with partitions. Again, It is sold on Amazon at a lower price than on its site. 

Comparing it to backpacks in the market of brands like Matein, Yorepek, and Supacool. It is a bit pricey and has fewer features and storage. These brands also run deals from time to time. 

Dukap Intely Hardside Luggage With USB Port

Intley luggage
Source: dukap.com

Dukap Intely is a hard-shell luggage with a simple design made of durable polypropylene material with protective pads at the corner. It has four dual-wheels connected with housing that often breaks during the trip.

On top, it features two USB ports for charging and an expandable zipper for storing extra items. It comes in three sizes, sets, and four color variations. 

Customers have given it around 4-star ratings and have mixed reactions as some have found it durable and smooth on their trip while others pointed out its faulty zips and damaged wheel-housing. 

The pricing is perfect and similar to brands like Amazon Basics and others. However, if you want further affordable options, then Wrangler or Rockland brands might be good for you.

Dukap Tour Hard-shell Luggage With Front Pocket

tour luggage
Source: dukap.com

Dukap Tour is one of the unique luggage in terms of design. It is rectangular with protective corners and gives a vibe of metallic luggage.

It is almost identical to the above Intely luggage regarding features and interior. Additionally, it has a sizeable soft-side pocket at the front to access stuff at the spot. 

Unlike other hard-shell luggage, it has two small zipper pockets for documents, chargers, and others. It is one of the most feature-rich luggage of Dukap. 

It comes in three colors and three size variations as one or in a set of 2 or 3. People have reviewed it for almost four stars and loved its durability. Also, only some people talked about its broken wheel housing

Its price is at a medium level compared to other similar luggage. You can select it or browse more affordable options offered in the market like Samsonite and Tumi. 

Dukap As Brand

Dukap is a small brand registered under a company named INUSA MANUFACTURING LLC, and it sells its products in three categories. Please do not confuse it with the InUSA Luggage brand. 

Dukap Travel sells backpacks, luggage, and accessories. Dukap Life sells weight machines with different styles and interesting patterns, and Dukap Outdoor sells outdoor patio furniture. 

One thing I noticed about their brand is their confidence in their product because of the quality. They also run offers and deals from time to time on their actual site. 

Buyers Guide For Dukap

Comparison & Customers Reviews

Dukap products are medium to high quality, and most people rate them around four stars, which is excellent in the market. However, people that did not have a great experience often complained about broken wheels or rough zippers. 

The average pricing of their product is almost equivalent to similar products of other brands, especially on Amazon. You may find increased rates of their products on their site. 

For something affordable, brands like Wrangler, Traveler Club, and Rockland are great options. If you want something branded, LV and Beis might be for you. 

Warranty & Returns

Dukap warranty and return policy is subtle and easy, and there are two things. 

Return: You need to file it within 30 days of purchase in brand new condition with all parts in a box, and they offer free returns for US citizens only. 

Limited Warranty: Dukap offers a 10-year limited warranty, enforced after 30 days of purchase. Registering your item on their site for a smooth claim is better. 

You can contact them at [email protected] with the original receipt and warranty tag. For further details, you can read their return and warranty policies. 


Dukap is a small brand with small social media accounts and a minimal following. They post occasionally on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and people have reviewed their products negatively on their FB page

Other Products

Besides luggage and bags, the Dukap brand also sells weight machines, outdoor patio furniture, and accessories like pillows, covers, etc. 

The Bottom Line

To wrap it all up, Is Dukap a good brand? Kind of, It is just another simple brand with its line of products. Some products are unique in design and durable, while others need to get better. 

As I mentioned in the comparison & review section, better options are available. You can read my take on them or visit other luggage brands. 

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