Luggage Shipping Companies & Packing Guide

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Thousands of people worldwide travel, and handling their luggage for air travel, especially for students, is a hustle. Further, most people do not want to deal with confusing rules and annoying long waits to check their luggage. 

To deal with this, companies started offering services to people to ship their luggage door to door without worrying about them. Relatively, they are more pricey than carrying your luggage, because most airlines allow at least one free luggage per ticket. 

Again, it depends on convenience and the number of luggage you are carrying. In the below article, I have listed some well known luggage shipping brands along with their basic details for you to check out.

Luggage Forward


Luggage Forward is a legitimate shipping company, offering its quality service for over a decade and has partnered with many well-known brands. They have been in business for over 20 years and delivered over 1 million bags. 

Luggage Forward provides door-to-door luggage and sports equipment delivery worldwide. They cater to various items, including golf clubs, bikes, skis, snowboards, strollers, car seats, and mobility devices, ensuring a wide range of travel needs are covered.

On extreme ends, they offer pickup service 180 days prior or last-minute pickup, for which you need to talk to them. You can contact them via their website and phone number stated on their site for different countries. 

Pricing & Discount

Their pricing starts at $99 per bag weighing up to 11kg or 25lbs, which is determined by the origin and destination, luggage category, and delivery speed.

For Air Canada customers, there’s an added benefit of receiving 15% off Luggage Forward’s competitive shipping rates. You can get this offer by contacting the luggage forward helpline. Request them to ship your luggage via Air Canada and ask for a discount.

Customer Satisfaction

Over 10,000 people shared their experience on Trustpilot and gave 4.7-star reviews to Luggage Forward because of their quality service, from picking up luggage to shipping door-to-door at the destination. They also claim to offer a double money-back guarantee if they do not fulfill their offer. 

On the other hand, a small percentage of people are unhappy with their service for various reasons. 

Despite this, I credit their customer service team for reaching out to these people individually and requesting to negotiate for things to work out. 



As a side hustle, Adam Ewart established SendMyBag as a student-friendly solution to dodge steep airline baggage fees. It has grown to serve a wide audience globally, earning business and The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its quality service.


Their pricing is the main thing to notice as they offer luggage shipping at an affordable cost; for example, luggage with a capacity of 15kg(33 lbs) from the USA to the UK would cost around 123 dollars with Express delivery, which is great.

Additionally, they offer further discounts for students and those who refer their service to their fellows. If you find anyone with a price lower than them, contact them and they will try to adjust their pricing for you. 

Customer Feedback

On Trustpilot, SendMyBag gets a thumbs up for its reliable and convenient service. More than 20000 people have shared their experience using the SendMyBag service, and most gave it a 4.6 stars rating. 

Additionally, there is always a chance that someone’s luggage might get damaged or opened due to multiple variables like costumes and rigorous routes. They suggest you pack a suitcase to withstand a rough journey. 

Luggage To Ship


LuggageToShip offers global luggage and item shipping services, catering to various needs, including luggage, golf clubs, skis, and more. Their platform allows for easy online booking, providing a seamless process for customers to send their items.

The company partners with renowned logistics providers like FedEx and DHL, ensuring reliable service across over 220 countries and territories.

Pricing and Discounts

Customers can receive customized quotes by specifying shipment details on the LuggageToShip website, which promises up to 70% savings on shipping compared to SendMyBag and others. Additionally, the company offers six months of complimentary storage for items, with the option for extended storage at a nominal fee.

For comparison, you can ship your luggage weighing 11 kg/25 lbs from New York to the UK for around 100 dollars at a minimum level, which is also affordable. 

Customer Satisfaction

More than a thousand people have shared their experience and given 4.8 reviews compared to other luggage shipping companies. People mostly praised their affordable pricing and customer service. 



ShipGo has carved a niche in the travel industry by offering a streamlined luggage shipping service. By partnering with various logistic carriers, ShipGo ensures that your luggage, standard bags, golf clubs, skis, or other items reach your destination safely and on time. 

Their global reach is impressive, with collaborations extending to over 3,500 facilities worldwide.

Pricing & Insurance

Regarding cost, ShipGo positions itself as an affordable alternative to traditional carriers, with prices starting from $34.99. This competitive pricing is up to 60% more economical, which could be a significant saving for frequent travelers. 

Moreover, including $500 complimentary insurance on luggage and $1,000 on select sporting gear adds a layer of security and peace of mind. 

For those needing extra protection, there’s an option to upgrade the insurance coverage up to $7,500, which could be particularly appealing for those transporting high-value items.

Customer Feedback 

The proof of ShipGo’s efficiency and reliability is reflected in their customer satisfaction scores, boasting a 4.8 out of 5 rating from over 2,000 reviews. This high rating indicates the company’s dedication to service quality and customer satisfaction, suggesting that they consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

Luggage Free


Luggage Free is a premium luggage shipping service that caters to travelers who prioritize comfort and convenience. 

Founded in 2001 and launched in 2003, Luggage Free was created in response to the increased need for thorough baggage inspections at airports and growing dissatisfaction with commercial airline baggage handling. 

The company saw rapid growth in the early years, doubling the number of bags shipped each year from 2004 to 2007. However, the economic downturn 2008 slowed this growth, although it began to recover as the economy and traveler numbers improved​​.

Pricing and Discounts

Luggage Free’s pricing structure is primarily based on the weight of the luggage, with additional services such as plastic protective wrapping and specific pickup times available. Small luggage from New York to London would cost you around 200 dollars, which is costly. 

Customer Satisfaction

Around 4000 people have shared their experience on trustpilot and given 4.7 stars. Recent people have mixed reviews. Some were happy, while others were unhappy with packing agents or shipment delays. 

Luggage Packing

For packing, you don’t need a box to pack luggage(Hardside or Softside); it can be shipped as is, similar to how you would pack for airline travel; make sure to pack fragile items carefully. 

Luggage shipping companies would email luggage routes, tags, and instructions via mail or email(if you want a next-day pickup for fast delivery).

Furthermore, hazardous materials and items like aerosols, medicine, etc are restricted by customs between two countries, such as certain electronics, medication, and food items.

Locking your luggage for domestic destinations is recommended, and for international destinations, use TSA-approved locks, as this luggage might get opened by a customs officer. Do not use a conventional lock if your luggage does not have a TSA lock.

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