Monos Luggage Review: Is Monos Luggage Good?

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Monos Luggage is a medium-sized brand that has been selling its products for quite a while. This brand aims to offer legit quality products at affordable prices; customers have reviewed them with 4.8 stars rating

They have a limited line of products and focus just on them to concentrate on quality rather than offering a lot of variety with an average build. In terms of variations, they only have two luggage collections, Classic and Hybrid.

In the below article, I have provided all possible queries regarding Monos luggage review, buyer’s guide, and a comparison with other brands. 

Monos Luggage Review


Monos Classic collection includes sleek and simple hardshell luggage with a futuristic design. It may look familiar to suitcases of other luggage brands, but there are small details that make it an ideal candidate for long-term usage.

Everything is made with attention to detail, like zippers; they seem much more resilient and smooth. Its wheels are colored to match its overall appearance, and its telescopic handle does not wobble, remaining sturdy.

You might not point out these small differences by just looking at pictures and reviews(that are minimal and hard to find), and you need to use both hand and hand to feel the difference. 

Its outer body is made of tough polycarbonate, and Monos claims it is virtually hard to break it as they rigorously test it in their lab. Despite all this, it can get scratches and bruises if not protected.

Out of thousands of customers, the majority of them were happy with quality, lightweight, and color options, especially limited edition ones. More than 2000+ customers have reviewed it with 4.8 stars. 

For classic carry-on, their pricing starts from $255 and increases depending on variations (Plus: Include front pocket), colors, and sizes. 


Monos hybrid collection is an upgraded version with an extra protection design with aluminum corners and side pads. It is zipperless and closes with two clipping TSA-locked mounted front sides like a business suitcase.

The zipperless lining is covered with aluminum lining, making it sturdy and air-sealed.

Compared to classic luggage, its handle is sturdy and uplifted, and its grip area is designed to fit the palm comfortably. Its carry-on pricing starts from $325 and increases based on size variation.

Unlike the Classic collection, Monos offers a hybrid trunk suitcase, which is large enough for around 15 days of trip or more. On the contrary, the hybrid collection lacks many color options.

Only 400 people have shared their experience, found it lightweight, and loved features like an in-built tag and durability. However, it can be costly for your wallet as it offers convenience and luxury. 

General Features

As I stated above, Monos offers only hardshell luggage, further divided into two main collections: Hybrid and Classic/Regular.

For Classic collections, they offer 13 color variations in total, including 8 regular ones(Midnight Black, Stellar White, Storm Grey, Ocean Blue, Blue Haze, Olive Green, Rose Quartz, Desert Taupe).

5 limited edition color options for which they charge extra(Terrazzo, Terracotta, Sage Green, Purple Icing & Banana Pudding).

For the Hybrid Collection, there are not many color options available except 3, which are Silver, Obsidian, and Champagne.

Mono’s state-of-the-art quality checking is on another level, which you can witness yourself by checking their quality testing page. They conduct around 40 rigorous tests to check overall durability in any scenario.

For example, they have filled luggage with 25 kg of weight and then dropped it from height at every possible angle, running it at 45 degrees for miles, and many more.

Monos is among the few authentic and straightforward luggage brands for its quality and user experience. 

Monos offers five size variations in suitcases, including the trunk, and below are their dimensions and weight. 

ModelDimensions (H×W×D)Weight
Carry On22″×14″×9″ (55.88×35.56×22.86 cm)7.01 lb (3.18 kg)
Carry On Plus23″×15″×9.5″ (58.42×38.10×24.13 cm)7.38 lb (3.35 kg)
Check-In Medium26.5″×18.5″×10.5″ (67.31×46.99×26.67 cm)9.59 lb (4.35 kg)
Check-In Large30″×21″×11″ (76.20×53.34×27.94 cm)10.58 lb (4.80 kg)
Trunk29.9″×15.7″×14.3″ (75.95×39.88×36.32 cm)13.2 lb (5.99 kg)

Including trunk suitcases, Monos offers 5 size variations of suitcases, as stated above. They have also made it easier for customers to check the dimensional eligibility of their suitcases for different airlines.

You can either check it on their site under product sections or check manually by comparing the recommended size variations with the size of your suitcase stated above. 

Besides suitcases, Monos also sells bags, accessories, gifts, and clothes. They are expanding slowly and evolving as fashion brands. One thing I like in the accessory section is the luggage cover made of plastic.

It fits perfectly with Mono’s suitcases and protects its outer shell from fading, scratching, and dirt. It will expand the overall life of luggage by keeping it fresh as new.


Both Monos & Away offer great quality products, and in comparison, Away travel products are a bit more pricey and have fewer color variations to offer.

In terms of quality, my personal choice is Monos because quality, after tons of tough testing, shows the level of commitment. Their interior is also slightly different if you carefully observe the cloth quality.

Featurewise, these both are similar. For convenience, Monos TSA is located at the side, while Away’s is at the top beside the handle.

Durability: Monos and Beis are known for their brand identity, which they have built by offering almost the same quality of luggage over time, making it tough to make a judgment.

What I would choose between both of them, solely for durability?

I would go for Monos because their suitcases are designed to be tough and undergo rough testing to make it in the market.

Color Options: For color variety, at max, Monos offers 13 variations of colors, including 5 limited edition ones, while Beis offers 9 color options. Monos wins in number and color variety for a unique-looking suitcase.

Price: For the price, Beis gets a score on this because its carry-on roller costs around $218 with delivery in the US, and Monos Carry costs around $255 with US & Canada delivery only.

A significant price difference, and Beis offers discounts in the shape of points and coupons. 

Features: Both brands’ suitcases are almost identical, except few cool features of Beis’s suitcase that I want to highlight. A bag holding loop strap, a weight indicator that turns red if it is filled overweight than airline limits. 

Shay Mitchell founded Beis, and most of the audience comprises a loyal customer base. It is a tie between them based on the above factors.

Comparing Monos & July luggage brands seems tough as they are similar in their pricing, color options, and quality. However, I am still highlighting their small differences and comparing them individually.

Price: There is no significant price difference. For example, July basic level carry-on light costs around $245 without delivery cost, but they upsell premium packing at checkout.

Mono’s basic carry-on costs around $255 (ex taxes), with free shipping to Canada and the US. 

Features & Design: If I were to compare the features and design of both brands, their features are almost the same for similar products. Unlike Monos, July offers more variety in design, like expandable or trunk-size suitcase options.

There is no point in criticizing these brands as they both work great by providing quality customer service. 

About Monos As A Luggage Brand

Victor Tam founded Monos brand, a Canadian brand with the Japanese conceptual name ”mono no aware”, which means deep emotions/feelings. They claim to offer quality products at reasonable rates to make them more accessible.

They are straightforward about their markup margins, which is stated in their about section. Further, there is not a lot of data or background story of this brand on their official site.

Buyers’ Guide For Monos

Monos is confident regarding the quality of their suitcase. They are straightforward about warranty and exchange policies, which you should know. It is not that they do not serve, just that you want to follow the guidelines respectfully.


Monos offers a lifetime warranty on breakable parts like zippers, handles, wheels, and cracked frames. They will either send replaceable parts or replace your suitcase for non-repairable damage. 

To claim a warranty, visit this page and then click the link at the bottom to fill out the warranty form, which can take 7 minutes.

However, they do not claim to offer the same piece, especially for limited editions, and they also reserve the right to make the final decision.


Monos gives a 100-day trial period to get a feel of the suitcase like size, color, and usability. Do not use this luggage outdoors for traveling for testing purposes; instead, test it indoors and make a partial judgment based on it.

Initiate the return with the original order number and ensure it is sealed with original packaging. In the end, Monos has the right to make a final call to avoid fraudulent activity.

Monos is one of the more authentic luggage brands than others that I have reviewed so far, and it would be unfair to question their customer service. They have nailed their products and customer satisfaction, and I am pleased with that.

They do not want to waste customer’s time by offering average products and then start the hassle of mailing back and forth for customer service. They provide value and want you to respect exchange, return, or warranty claims guidelines.

For aftersale queries for return or exchange, you can contact them via their email: [email protected]

For general queries, you should email at [email protected]

Mono’s social media accounts are packed with followers and regularly publish fresh content and offer deals to their customers. Below are their social media accounts for you to directly visit.



Monos luggage is available in both offline and online modes. For easier methods, you can directly buy it from their official site, which will speed up the after-sale services like warranty and claim. 

You can also buy it from their online retail partners like Nordstrom and others. Additionally, they have just one physical store named Kitsilano in Vancouver, Canada (add: 2131 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5N 1K7).

Find the small button near the lock to change your Mono suitcase lock code. Make sure the lock is open, usually set to all zeros. Push the button, choose your new code, and let go of the button. Try your new code to make sure it works.

Monos offers a hardshell suitcase that is easier to clean. Take a cloth/sponge and soapy water, rub it all over the outer shell, and then rinse it with a damp cloth or water spray. After all this, leave the suitcase open in a shadowy place to let it dry slowly.

I have a detailed guide on cleaning suitcases; you can also check that out. 

Monos is a great luggage brand with high ratings and happy customers.

Monos luggage is designed in Canada, but there is no information about manufacturing. I guess they partnered with a manufacturing facility in a country like China to produce it at a more affordable cost than other companies like Apple. 

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