A Detailed Guide For Perfume On Plane

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Thousands of people travel on airlines domestically and internationally along with bags filled with their essentials or favorite items. Among them, some items come with particular guidelines and restrictions. 

Perfumes and other fragrances come in liquid categories, and entities like TSA and airlines have provided guidelines for such items/articles. 

In the below article, I have tried to discuss taking perfume on a plane in detail.

Perfume On Plane

Perfume In Cabin Luggage

You can carry perfume in your carry-on bag in small container that must be 100ml or 3.4oz in volume. You can have multiple bottles of such size, regardless of the liquid amount in them.

For example, you can have multiple bottles of size up to 100ml of perfumes of different brands. This rule applies to the size of the container, not to the amount of liquid, even if it is partially filled.

Perfume In Checked Baggage

Perfume is mainly allowed to be carried in healthy quantities in checked suitcases and according to TSA, each person can carry up to 2kg/ 2 liters of perfumes. 

Remember that 2 liters of perfume must not be in a single container, instead it must be filled in multiple small-sized containers of 0.5kg(18 ounces) or 500 ml (17 fluid ounces). 

Again, each country/ state/ airline has a different policy regarding the items you carry. It is important to double-check all these details before booking your domestic or international flight.

How You Should Pack Perfume In Suitcase?

For cabin luggage, keep all your properly-sized perfume bottles fit within a quart-sized plastic bag with a recommended size of not more than a liter, and it must be transparent, and sealable.

Ensure this bag is at the top of your luggage for easy access during security checks.

In countries like Kenya, where plastic is banned, use thick paper pouches or water-resistant bags to avoid spills. 

Sometimes, this rule is left ignored by airport authorities, and travelers just put liquid directly in their carry-ons or handbags. But, why take a risk if you can avoid it.

Again, keep this plastic bag in the center of the clothes to make a buffer or cushioned area so it does not break by colliding with baggage walls in plane turbulence. 

Additional Considerations

Perfume bottles with more than 100 ml capacity could be confiscated and discarded by airport authorities. Such articles are strictly prohibited to carry in the cabin area. 

For Personal Use

Taking care of expensive or favorite perfume bottles becomes a hassle as they can break and drop in any collision. Most people use an alternate method to use perfumes.

There are capsule-shaped small refillable atomizers with a capacity of around 7ml and will spray approximately 30 times in one fill. It is also handy to use your perfume on the spot, and they are easy to handle like a keychain. 

Duty-Free Perfume In Cabin Bag

Duty-free perfumes bought within the airport after security check are generally allowed in your carry-on baggage, provided they are sealed, and you have a payment receipt.

Most airlines like Emirates and others have personal brands of perfumes or sell such items on board. 

In general, duty-free items are not usually taxed in the local country from where you bought them. But you may need to pay taxes at the arrival country’s airport in case you purchased an excessive amount or do not follow the guidelines of the respective country. 

Perfume on Specific Airlines

There are many airlines worldwide with hundreds of flights in different countries. Each country and airline has its own rules that an individual must follow. 

These rules often change from time to time based on favorable situations for each country, state, or airline. It is emphasized that you also visit their official site and get up to date regarding current policies. 

Below I have provided links to their official site item restrictions along with their guidelines regarding perfume and fragrance.

Perfume in Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines does not have specific guidelines regarding perfumes/liquids in the cabin area of the plane. However, Delta Airlines, United AirlinesBritish Airlines, and American Airlines suggest people comply with TSA guidelines. 

According to TSA, each person can carry liquid/perfume in carry-on baggage in a container size of 100ml or 3.4oz. 

Perfume in Emirates Airlines

Emirates is among the top airlines in the world and tries its best to ensure the privacy of each flying person. They have stated clear guidelines for carry-on and checked suitcases for perfumes. 

For carry-on, each person is allowed to carry liquid: perfumes in containers of 100ml. All these containers must fit comfortably in a transparent and sealable plastic bag. 

Non-sealable bags are not allowed, nor containers of size more than 100ml. People flying directly from Dubai to the USA can carry duty-free perfumes in carry-on regardless of quantity and volume. 

Emirates also has its perfume brand named Emirates Pride, which sells authentic perfumes and fragrances. Head to their guide on the difference between genuine and fake perfumes

Perfume in Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines does not allow passengers to carry perfumes specifically in hand or cabin bags, and they have a list of qualified and restricted items in different types of suitcases. 

You can carry perfumes/deo in checked baggage with the maximum allowed limit of 2 liter/kg with each container size of 0.5 liter/kg. Each container must be sealed with a cap or anything to avoid possible leakage. 

Perfume In Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airlines also has similar perfume guidelines, allowing up to 2 liters or kg of perfume in checked baggage. These 2 liters must be divided into four containers, each with 0.5 liters in volume or weight. 

For cabins or handbags, the amount of perfume is limited to personal use. On their site, there is no specific written amount of liquid in the cabin area. However, it is safe to follow the general guidelines recommended by TSA. 

Can I Take 50 ml Of Perfume On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring up to 100ml of perfume on a plane in both cabins and around 2 liters in checked bags. For cabin bags, use a bottle/container with a capacity of up to 100ml.

The Bottom Line

Perfumes lie in the liquid category, and sometimes they contain flammable alcohol. To ensure the security of people on board, TSA and airlines have restricted the amount (mentioned above) of perfume you can carry into the cabin area of the plane.

You can carry around 2 liters of perfume in checked luggage in multiple small containers. It is advised to re-check the above-given details as they may change over time. 

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