Juicy Couture Luggage Review: Casual & Glamour

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Juicy Couture is one of the old brands that is famous for its casual wear and offers glamour and luxury. If you are looking for their luggage, then this review might be helpful for you.

Juicy Couture luggage are stylish and mostly appreciated for their unique and standout design and color combinations. On the quality side, they are average, compared to other luggage focus brands.

If you like luxury and stylish items that have luxury brand logos on them, then you might want to consider the Juicy Couture luggage.

In the article below, I review these luggage and compare them to other brands in the market. I also include a buyer’s guide and relevant information.

Juicy Couture Luggage Review

Key Points:

  • Medium In Price & Quality
  • Limited Quantity & Variation
  • Good For Fashion, Not For Luggage
  • Luggage Are Not Listed On Official Site

Juicy Couture Belinda Holographic Luggage

juicy couture belinda luggage
source: kohls.com

The Juicy Couture Belinda Holographic Luggage is a stylish and practical travel companion. The whole plastic exterior of the hard shell bag is covered in a holographic photo sheet, making it both beautiful and eye-catching.

Inside, you’ll find two main compartments – one for clothes with belt straps, and a second with a big zipper pocket and two side small pockets perfect for items like shoes or accessories.

It’s lightweight at only 6.5 lbs, with dimensions of 9.5 x 15.5 x 21 inches to make fitting into airplane overhead bins easy as pie!

It also comes equipped with eight hard side spinner wheels plated with golden wheel caps; so you can pull your luggage along easily behind you wherever your travels take you! And quality is okay for the money paid and customers loved its style more.

Juicy Couture Grace Rose Gold Luggage

juicy couture grace luggage
source: lyst.com

The Juicy Couture Grace Rose Gold Luggage is a stylish and high-quality luggage piece that is perfect for any traveler. It features a combination of rose color with bumpy arrow texture, gold-plated wheel caps, and chains, creating an elegant look.

The interior has two main compartments – one for clothes with belt straps and the other with two zipper pockets and side pouches – making it ideal for packing your essentials. Additionally, there is an extra medium zipper pocket which gives you extra space to store items.

Although this product comes at a slightly higher cost than Holographic luggage due to its better craftsmanship and build quality, it is still worth the investment as customers have been loving it without expecting any hassle.

Juicy Couture Vivian Marble Web Suitcase

juicy couture vivian luggage
source: juicycouture.com

The Juicy Couture Vivian Marble Web Suitcase is a stylish and durable option for air travel. It has a glossy, marble finish with narrow golden stripes that provide an eye-catching look unique to this suitcase.

The suitcase weighs around 6 lbs, making it light enough to be carried as a carry-on bag on most airline flights without issue. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to travel in style.

This model is especially popular among travelers due to its distinct design, high-quality construction, and attractive color combination that make it stand out from other luggage options.

About Juicy Couture As Brand

Juicy Couture is a casual-wear brand that targets mostly women and millennials. Founded in 1997 by Pamela Skaist and Gela Nash, it was acquired by Fifth & Pacific Inc in 2003 and later sold to Authentic Brands Group in 2013.

Juicy Couture was once extremely popular for their fashionable tracksuits and apparel. They are known for their glamorous and shiny glittering with a huge Juicy logo on their products.

Unfortunately, they were hardly hit by the 2008 recession, and their downfall started. Eventually, their all-USA store was shut down. From that, their product was being sold under other brands’ roofs. This brand is now trying to make a good comeback by reviving itself.

Recently they have released their Summer ’23 collection with a range of new products that are being sold on both the official Juicy Couture site and other online retailers.

Buyers Guide


As a reviewer of luggage brands, I can say that Juicy Couture is popular for its suits, tops, and fragrances, and luggage are more suitable for those who prefer visually appealing and attention-grabbing bags.

However, when it comes to quality and features, they may not be as exceptional as other luggage brands that specialize solely in producing luggage. This is because luggage is not their primary product line.


These luggage are moderately priced and sold individually unlike Badgley Mischka luggage which are sold as a set. Ensure to purchase from an authentic vendor like Amazon so that you can quickly return any damaged products.

Fortunately, all their products and services are available for Prime delivery on Amazon, giving you peace of mind.

Customer Service

Their Customer service is great as they have got online chat support and a contact form for you to leave a message. In case of damaged or scratched items, you can file a return or exchange on their official site. You need the order number and Zip Code to start the return/exchange process.

Things you need to consider are not to wash or alter the product and it should be returned with the original tag to show that it is a verified purchase. Shipping costs will not be refunded and will be at your cost.

Customer Satisfaction

Despite the high stock prices, customers of Juicy Couture seem to be satisfied with their suits and tracksuits. In the 2000s, the brand was heavily advertised by influencers and became a symbol of luxury.

After a decline, the brand is making a comeback with the launch of new tops and other products. Juicy Couture luggage are priced under $140 for carry-on and are designed to provide a luxurious feel.

Although they come with many features, some people might consider them a bit expensive. However, if you prefer better quality that lasts for years compared to something with a moderate build, you might be willing to spend even more.


Juicy Couture’s social media accounts are pretty active with tons of followers, especially on their Twitter and Youtube accounts. After the 2008 recession, they are again trying to revive again and launched a summer 23 collection of their signature products and shared it on their socials.

Below are their social media account, you can directly visit from here;


Others Products

I have repeatedly mentioned some of the popular and attractive products offered by Juicy Couture other than suitcases. Their track and fragrance are extremely popular and they are specially known for them.

The Bottom Line

Juicy Couture is among the popular brands for their wearables. However, their luggage offer a sense of luxury with medium quality. However, this may not be suitable for frequent flyers due to the lack of features offered by luggage brands that specialize in creating luggage products.

Comparing to reviews of other luggage brands like Beis, Monos, and others. This brand would be in my consideration for just style, not for quality.

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