Luggage Tag Guide: DIY, Usage, Importance

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A luggage tag might sound like a minor deal, but it can save your belongings and essential stuff at airports. Millions of people travel through different airlines with their essentials

In recent reports, around 7 to 8 people for every thousand people lose their luggage. 

International Airports like John F Kennedy, Miami, and Los Angeles have the most lost luggage. These baggage are either stolen or mishandled. In the end, they get auctioned if they remain unclaimed. 

In this article, I have provided a detailed luggage tag guide along with simple DIY luggage tag project. 

Luggage Tag Guide

DIY Luggage Tag (Making Of Luggage Tag) 

Making a DIY luggage tag at home sounds fun, and it requires some basic stuff. 

  • A piece of cloth with your favorite design or style 
  • A small piece of PVC vinyl sheet
  • A round elastic string that should be durable, 
  • A pen or marker,
  • A sheet with a tag design shape like a simple square or others
  • A sewing machine to keep all things intact tightly.  
  • A pair of scissors


Take a sheet with printed design of tag and cut out that shape of tag. Now, cut a piece of clothes into two equal pieces. Make sure both pieces are at least an inch larger from each side than the cut-out design of the tag.

Take two equal pieces of clothes on top of each other and make sure both are aligned correctly. Place a cut-out design sheet on top of them and make a design with marker on clothes by following the edge of the sheet. 

After marking, cut both of the cloth pieces by following marker lines(design). Ensure the cloth pieces are facing the wrong side. Insert an elastic rubber between the clothes and leave a small extension outside. 

After placing elastic rubber between each cloth on a broader side to make a top of a tag that face toward the luggage.

Stitch it well with a sewing machine around the corners and stitch the elastic tag multiple times. After stitching, turn it upside down to the right side and use a stick or something to pock the corners. 

Cut a vinyl sheet into small rectangular shapes; ensure you can fit the info/business card after stitching. Sew this sheet in the middle of the tag from 3 corners to make a pouch for a card.

At last, stitch all corners of the tag one last time from the front side and give it the final touch to make it further sturdier.

It is a simpler version of the tag an ordinary person can make at home by using some basic things available at home. However, you can make it more stylish based on skill and requirements. 

What To Put On The Luggage Tag?

Luggage tags come in different sizes and shapes; sometimes, airlines provide complimentary luggage tags. 

It is recommended to put your first and last name, country and state, and contact information like business number or email. You can also use your business card if your tag has a pouch

Note: It is preferred to use side email for common usage or use the contact number that should be in your hand so you can attend the call for your luggage by the airport or other concerned authorities. Also, write the country code with number if you are traveling internationally. 

Never write your home address or any personal information on luggage tags. People around the world come to the airport, and no one knows what is going on in the individual mind who has access to your personal information. 

It increases the chance of fraud, burglary, phishing, and many other unfortunate things. So it is always better to be safe and take necessary precautions so you do not lose your bag and keep yourself safe. 

Tip: Use a type of tag with a retractable card or adjustable privacy cover to hide your information in casual situations like walking, eating, etc. 

Another thing you can do is place a paper with your information like name, phone number, the hotel you are staying in, and others. It is rare among travelers, but it would add an extra layer of security in case the tag got lost. 

Eye-Catching Luggage Tags (Luggage Type)

Many luggage companies offer luggage tags for free, while most people prefer to buy customized or stylish ones. All tags are great as long as they serve their purpose. 

An ordinary person might need clarification and lose his bag among hundreds of luggage with similar looks and designs. The reason is to attach a tag that you love and has eye-catching appearance to be instantly spotted

Choosing tags with bright colors that contrast with luggage colors is recommended. You can also use tags of some comic cartoons or characters, which will also stand out in a crowd. 

How To Attach A Luggage Tag?

Luggage tags come in different sizes and variations, and most have built straps to attach them to luggage. For example, leather luggage tags have small belts with adjustable buckles, which are also sturdy. 

For more straightforward tags with small holes, use a round and small plastic pipe and stretch to make it pointy at both opposite ends. Slide one end through one tag hole and make a loop around it. 

In the same way, take another end and loop it around the luggage handle to attach your tag tight. It is not tying but more durable; make sure your tag is sturdy, and the plastic pipe is thick enough to withstand force. 

Attach this luggage tag to the top handle and ensure the string is not too short or long. Try adjusting its length by using buckle, or use a perfect pipe size

Most airlines provide their tag at the airport or require customers to download it from official sites. Such tags are either attached on the side or the top handle. 

Ensure these tags are also attached well, as they are essential for airport authorities to know the owner, flight origin, arrival country, and more. 

Apple AirTag Luggage Tag

Apple Airtag is an excellent piece of tech with accuracy tracking capabilities, and it has addressed the lost luggage problem. It will provide live location data using ping on a Find My app.

After completing the setup process, keep it inside the baggage in the zipper or with other stuff. Avoid attaching it outside your bag, as someone might snap it. 

Compared to other manual luggage tags that come in different shapes and materials and cost $2 to 20, which is crazy. I would still prefer Airtag if I travel with my precious stuff and do not want it to be lost. 

Its setup is simple; ensure your Apple device is up to date and Bluetooth is On. Press the backside button beside your phone for a few seconds and finish the sign-in process. 

The only downside is that it is limited for Apple users within its ecosystem. However, there are other alternatives in the market with similar features. 

The Bottom Line

Luggage tag is an essential element for travelers, and it can help travelers claim their lost bags or spot them on a conveyor belt from a distance because of its uniqueness. 

Some people make it at home as it is easy, and I have shared it above in this article. Only some people level this up by using Airtags so they can keep track of their luggage in real-time.

All in all, it is recommended and good practice to follow and attach luggage tags to secure yourself from an unfortunate event.  

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