How You Should Take Vape In Luggage?

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Vaping culture is growing like crazy and millions of people are using it for flexing, or to get high. Among them, thousands of people visit different countries and they want their vape with them.

For that, a common person must know the dos and don’t of traveling with vape in airlines. Question like, how I pack my vape?, Am I allowed to carry vape? and many more.

In the below article, I have explained how to travel with vape in luggage along with guide and tips. (No Fluff)

Vape In Luggage

Vape In Checked Suitcase

Vapes or E-cigarettes are not allowed in check-in luggage because of the lithium-ion batteries in them. These batteries can catch fire at any time unexpectedly. 

Suppose your vape is checked in the plane’s cargo area and caught fire while flying. No one would be there to deal with it, and it would be dangerous and life-threatening for all passengers on board.  

This is the wisdom behind that concerned authorities strictly prohibit you from carrying a vape in a check-in suitcase. Do not try to hide and sneak it into checked baggage undeclared; you may face charges based on the place you are flying. 

Vape In Carry On (Cabin) Luggage

Generally, vape and e-cigarettes are allowed to be carried in cabin luggage, or you can put them in your pocket. It should be within your access, so dealing with it become easier in any unfortunate event, like catching fire or others. 

Packing Guide

Usually, vapes comprise two main parts: a mod, the upper small container section with fluid, and a battery section. If it is separable, I suggest you put the mod in a plastic bag with a seal zipper. 

Reason: On an airplane, you would be flying at a high altitude and a filled pod might get leaked due to high altitude pressure imbalance and eventually ruin your clothes and other stuff. 

You can keep your e-juice/ refills in the same plastic bag; make sure these bottles are new with a manufacturing seal, not made of glass, and their volume should be up to 100 ml. 

You can carry multiple bottles, but each bottle size must not exceed than 100 ml.

This packing method can save you a lot of time as it would be easier for authorities to scan and evaluate quickly. Otherwise, they can make you wait for further investigation. 

TSA Guidelines For Vape On Aeroplane

As I stated above, each vaping/e-cigarette comprises both battery and liquid content. Both of these have specific guidelines from TSA that a person must follow. 

E-Liquid (Refills)

Vape Refills

You can carry e-liquid in both a carry-on and a checked suitcase. In check-in baggage, a specific liquid amount is allowed in commercial airlines, and you need to check it with your respective airline first.

For cabin bag, you can carry sealed liquid bottles with 100ml volume in a sealable plastic bag for carry-on. 


Vape Batteries

Batteries are strictly prohibited in a checked suitcase. Although, you can carry vaping batteries in carry on bag and it must be 100 watts per hour with a metal content of 2 grams. Be sure to check this from the retailer or in the detail section of the vape box. 

It is also preferred to keep these batteries in a plastic container that does not cost a lot and will keep them securely. 

CBD/ Marijuana Vape Flavor

CBD/Marijuana Vape Flavor

Besides all this, you must consider the flavor of e-juice you bring. For example, controversial things like CBD and THC, are either allowed or banned in the country or state you are visiting. 

Before packing, do not forget to check the vape restriction details for your destination country, state, and airline in which you are flying. In the below section, I have also provided a list of countries and their rules for marijuana/cbd.

Here is a list of countries to check that allow or prohibit using such chemicals/items to avoid hassle. 

List Of Countries With Vape & E-Cigarettes Restrictions

Country Description
Argentina Bans the importation, distribution, commercialization, and advertising of e-cigarettes and accessories due to potential health risks.
Bhutan Sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is legal.
Brazil Sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is legal.
Brunei Darussalam Sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is legal.
Cambodia Both the sale and use of vaping products are illegal.
Costa Rica Vaping products are legal to use and sell, with restrictions on use locations and advertising.
Ethiopia Sale of vaping products is believed to be illegal, but their use might be legal.
India Sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is legal.
Japan Sale of nicotine-containing liquid is illegal, but devices and zero-nicotine e-liquid are legal. Individuals can import nicotine-containing products with some restrictions.
Laos Both the sale and use of vaping products are illegal.
Mauritius Sale and use of vaping products are illegal.
Mexico Sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is probably legal. The ban includes nicotine-free products, but enforcement varies and there have been legal challenges.
Nepal The sale of vaping products is possibly illegal, but their use is legal.
Oman Sale of vaping products is believed to be illegal, but their use might be legal.
Panama Sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is legal.
Qatar Both the sale and use of vaping products are banned.
Singapore Sale and use of vaping products are banned, with possession being a punishable offense.
Sri Lanka Sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is legal.
Thailand The sale of vaping products is illegal, but their use is believed to be legal.
Turkey Importation of vaping products is illegal, but their use and sale within the country are legal.
Uganda The information wasn’t directly found; local regulations need to be checked.
Uruguay The sale of vaping products is banned.
Venezuela Bans the manufacture, storage, distribution, circulation, commercialization, importation, exportation, use, consumption, advertising, promotion, and sponsorship of e-cigarettes and related products.

Note: This above information may change overtime depending on current situation and policy of each country. Make sure to check latest vaping laws yourself for destination country.

Airlines Guidelines For Vape

All popular airlines across the world, like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airlines, and others, have general guidelines for vaping and e-liquids. However, I suggest contacting their support and double-checking their policy, as they may change over time. 

Can I Smoke Vape On A Plane? 

Smoking/vaping in planes is strictly prohibited, and it can easily get caught by sensitive smoke detectors. It can risk the lives of common people flying with you and you may face serious charges depending on your act’s severity.  

Besides this, it would be unethical and cause discomfort to people flying with you in a closed environment. 

How Many Disposable Vape I Can Carry On a Plane?

You can carry up to 10 disposable vapes in your carry-on bag. However, it is again advised to double-check it from your airlines. Also, keep the country in mind in which you are going with disposable vape.

Research and ask yourself: Are disposable vapes easily accessible in your destination country? If yes, I recommend you buy a few disposable vapes until you get your hand to buy a new one on arrival in the country. 

There is no need to carry extra headaches until or unless you have a specific preference and doubt its availability. 

What If I Accidentally Left a Vape or E-cigarette In Check-in Luggage?

It is always requested not to bring vapes or e-cigs in checked baggage. Suppose you ever accidentally bring it in your checked luggage. You must immediately report this to the airport officers. 

Otherwise, airport authorities have special equipment to detect these kind of prohibited stuff; they will put it out of the bag and may confiscate it. You can also appeal to return your vape to authorities. 

The Bottom Line

Obliging the rules and following recommended guidelines by travelers who have real life experience can be life saver for you. Rules like, pack you vape only in cabin suitcase, use 100 ml bottles of refills, not vaping while on plane.

Guidelines given by respective countries, authorities like TSA for different items like batteries, cbd and liquids are enforced for everyone’s benefits. Read above article to know about them in detail.

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