What Brand Of Luggage Do Pilots Use For Frequent Traveling?

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Unlike regular travelers, pilots have unique needs for luggage, emphasizing durability, functionality, and quality. Their luggage must endure frequent use and offer a higher level of sturdiness.

In the aviation industry, only a handful of brands are popular among pilots due to their reputation for producing such high-quality and durable luggage. These brands understand the unique requirements of pilots and design products accordingly.

In the article below, I have tried to explain what luggage brands pilots use in their professional lives. 

What Brand Of Luggage Do Pilots Use?

Travelpro (Great For Soft-Shell)

Source: Travelpro.com

Travelpro is among the top luggage brands in the market that is known for quality and medium-range pricing

Travelpro products are made of aircraft-grade quality, and most pilots and people from the aviation industry have preferred this brand for over a decade.

Their softshell baggage of Flightcrew collection is highly loved for its features that include water-resistant and durable nylon ballistic material, wheels that are made to handle extra work, protective guards, and smooth buttery zippers. 

Travelpro 50% off on the cooler bag if you bought their Rollerboards/Spinners. You also have an installment option to buy from them. Visit our Travelpro luggage guide for detailed information.

Samsonite (Quality Overnighter)

samsonite xenon mobile
Source: Samsonite.com

On a global level, Samsonite is among the top luggage brands with robust quality and service. They have various products from backpacks, carry, and so on. 

UK customers have pilot laptop bags, and In the US, most pilots prefer their Xenon Mobile bag. Most pilots prefer these bags for their usability and built quality that can withstand frequent usage.

Both look similar in functionalities as they are compact with multiple pockets for electronics and clothes. Other features include nylon and telescopic handles, smooth wheels and zippers, and mounting straps

They offer free shipping for orders more than 100 bucks and have a free return policy. Travelpro Flightcrew and Samsonite Xenon Mobile would make a great combo.  

Rimowa (Stylish Aluminum Case)

rimova pilot case
Source: rimova.com

Rimova is a premium luggage brand known for quality aluminum and polycarbonate luggage. They have bags, suitcases, and cool accessories. 

Rimova introduced its pilot case, equivalent to Samsonite Xenon in size. It is made of aluminum with a zipperless design and has built-in features and pockets designed to pilot’s essentials. 

It elevates and enhances the pilot’s look with its fancy-looking design and lasts long because of its material. The only downside is its wobbly handle; you can not mount it on another carry-on bag. 

Additionally, Rimowa provides a lifetime warranty for functional damage to their products, including zipper wheels, and they also accept returns within 14 days of purchase.

Luggage Work (Ideal For Organizing)

luggagework stealth premier
Source: luggageworks.com

Luggagework is another small brand specializing in high-quality softshell bags designed and built for frequent usage by pilots or travelers. They have multiple series of suitcases along with bags, spare parts, handles, tags, and others. 

Stealth Premier 22” baggage is popular among pilots because of its ultra-resistant durability and unique design. Still, it offers multiple pockets for organizing stuff, which is ideal. 

Luggagework’s main motto is to provide everyone with the baggage quality pilots prefer. Pricing of their products is a higher range as they last longer than suitcases of other brands. 

Unfortunately, I could not find any special discount on their site. If you do not like it, you can return the suitcase at your expense within 30 days of purchase.

Sterling Pacific (Premium Aluminum Carry-on)

sterling pacific aluminum carry on
Source: sterlingpacific.com

Sterling Pacific is a one-product suitcase brand offering premium aluminum luggage in just two size variations. These suitcases are not for the pilot to put beside their seat as they are designed to carry clothes for longer trips. 

I put this brand on this list because of the quality and look, which looks perfect with the pilot, and they also offer up to 25 percent discount on it for authorized pilots or a valid person from the airline crew. 

Their product is made of aircraft-grade A380 aluminum corners, handles made of Italian leather, and sturdy, smooth rolling wheels. Check my detailed review of Sterling Pacific luggage brands and a buyer’s guide.

Luggage Guide For Pilots

Quality vs. Price

As pilots travel frequently and have a long walk from one terminal to another terminal, they require baggage that should last longer in terms of usage with durable built.

There is better luggage in markets offered by the above brands, and sometimes their pricing is higher than ordinary ones, as is the quality. So, it is preferred/advised by many pilots to buy expensive suitcases or affordable bags with average quality.    

Weight Considerations

The sturdiness of luggage often results in increased weight, approximately double that of regular luggage. Pilots are willing to bear this additional weight for the durability and reliability it provides during frequent use.

For this reason, you can pack less than other lightweight luggage. 

Size Matters

Every plane is different, and cockpit spaces are limited. Pilots’ ideal luggage should not be a manageable size. Depending on the size of your plane, choose baggage that fits beside the cockpit seat and allows easy access to required items.

Organization and Practicality

Luggage must have multiple pockets to facilitate organized storage, ensuring easily accessible items. Overnighters are recommended for smaller trips.

The Luggagework Stealth bag is recommended for carry-on as it organizes your stuff neatly.   

Telescopic Handles

Telescopic handles and sturdy wheels sounds like a minor features but they are crucial ones. Still, pilots who often have to walk long distances between terminals are crucial as they save energy, time, and a lot of possible hassle. 

Essential Items In Pilots’ Baggage


High-quality headsets are essential to drown out ultra-noisy surroundings, allowing pilots to focus on their tasks. Each pilot has different preferences based on individual experience. 

LED Light

An LED light is also necessary for pilot luggage as it inspects aircraft/airplanes before flying. It is also used to have better visibility at night time. 


Given the current global situation, disinfectants like tissues or sanitizer are a must to maintain a clean and hygienic environment within the cockpit.

As a good practice, the pilot usually cleans all gears and buttons before flying any plane. 

Notepad & Tablet 

A notepad with the aerospace acronym and a tablet for pre-preparation of flight routes, data, and all related stuff are must items in the pilot’s suitcase. 

Most pilots have separate pockets for them to access them easily. Other essential items are in the pilot baggage list and the above-listed ones.

The Bottom Line

Some luggage brands offer exclusive deals and discounts to individuals associated with the aviation industry, acknowledging the unique needs of pilots and aviation professionals.

Choosing the right size, prioritizing organization, and considering essential features contribute to a pilot’s overall convenience and efficiency during their travels.

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