Tucci Luggage Review: Unique & Artistic In Design

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Tucci Disegno is a small luggage brand known for its unique and artistic design on luggage. Their products are designed in Italy and have great variety of artistic design made with luxurious material.

It has few stores in Canada and their products also being sold on Facebook marketplace. Quality of their products is medium to high but prices are higher compared to brands like Samsonite and Amazon basics.

In the below article, I reviewed Tucci products along with buyer’s guide and presented it close alternatives.

Tucci Luggage Review


  • Unique & Artistic Design
  • Designed In Italy
  • Separate Kids Collection


  • Pricey
  • Room For Quality Improvement

TUCCI Disinvolta Soft-side Rolling Suitcase


The TUCCI Disinvolta Softside Rolling Suitcase is designed in Italy and made with high-quality materials from China. It features soft-touch grip luggage handles, two front pockets, and an expandable zipper option of up to 35% extra space.

Its dimensions are 14.5 x 8.3 x 20.3 inches, and it weighs 7.4 pounds, making it comfortable to carry around while still being able to store all belongings if you are going on long trips or are a frequent flyer.

The suitcase comes in three sizes – 20”, 24”, and 28” – so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for any situation, as well as four color options so that your style can be expressed both inside and outside the bag!

Even better, this great piece of luggage is available for purchase as a set of three at pricing ranging from $130 to $170! Furthermore, its 360-degree glide wheel rolls smoothly on flat surfaces for convenient maneuvering wherever you go.

TUCCI Love Fashion Hard Shell Luggage

Tucci Love Fashion Luggage
Source: tucci-italy.com

TUCCI Love Fashion Luggage Suitcase is an excellent option for travelers seeking a reliable and stylish storage solution. This luggage set is constructed with an ABS hardshell, making it flexible, durable, and lightweight.

The anti-scratch-resistant texture offers additional protection and keeps your suitcase looking as good as new. The interior has been upgraded to include a deluxe signature lining, adding an extra layer of sophistication. 

At the same time, the Glide-tech wheel system makes it easy to maneuver around in airports or train stations.

Last but not least, TUCCI includes a ten-year limited global warranty, so you can have peace of mind when taking your luggage on extended trips abroad.

Although slightly more expensive than other suitcases on the market, this luxury model features unique design details such as three different size options plus customization possibilities through colors and textures – making it well worth its price tag!

TUCCI Italy Gioco Hard-side Travel Luggage

tucci giaco luggage
Source: tucci-italy.com

TUCCI Italy has created an excellent travel luggage product with the Gioco Hardside Travel Luggage. It is made to be flexible, durable, and lightweight ABS hardshell, giving users peace of mind that their belongings will remain safe and secure during transport.

The texture is anti-scratch resistant for extra protection. It features a deluxe interior with signature lining for comfort and convenience when packing. There is also a Glide-Tech wheel system which provides smooth rolling along any surface.

This product has a 10-year limited global warranty for added security in case of defects or malfunctioning hardware.

The luggage comes in three different sizes (20”, 24” and 28”), so you can find one that fits your needs as well as three color options, providing plenty of choices when selecting the proper carry-on or checked bag for yourself; all at competitive pricing ranging from $130 to $170 depending on size version chosen.

In terms of dimensional weight, this model measures 18.9 x 10.9 x 28 inches with an overall weight of 8 pounds 6 ounces, making it light enough to carry by hand and strong enough to take on rugged journeys ahead without worrying about the contents inside getting damaged.

Buyers Guide For Tucci

Quality & Comparison

This brand is Italian, and I tried to learn more about them and discovered that their products are designed in Italy but manufactured in China. Quality is medium compare to price which is ridiculous like a set of 3 costs around 500 dollars.

I would say their unique selling point is their uniqueness and luxury vibe. People do pay premium for Italian products and their design are kind of cool. Still, majority of people will choose a quality for their vacation or trips.


Other brands like World Travel, Badgley Mishka also sell luggage with printed designs. However, if you are in search of quality at affordable price with better customer service, Travelpro, Travelers Club, Luggex and others comes in my mind.


Tucci offers 10 Years of limited warranty, which you can apply for by filling registry form on their site. You can also locate their repair shops near you on this map.

Opinion: They need to improve their warranty claim as they are completely inactive on their site and social media handles. On their Instagram account, People have complained about their so-called warranty claim.

If they do not engage with their customers, how would they access their warranty claims? Plus, If you still want to buy their luggage, it would be preferred to buy through Amazon so that you can access Amazon’s 30 days of return policy.


Their Facebook page is not available, Instagram has 5 post with few followers and 1 video on Youtube published months ago.

Tucci Disegno As Brand

The TUCCI DISEGNO trademark was registered on August 9, 2022 by Titanio Travelgoods (IP Holding) Group Ltd. 

The category under which the registration has been filed is Leather Products, which includes quality luggage, carry-on and checked, duffle bags, and others. Only minor detail is available online about this brand due to little information.

Tucci Artistic Collection

Tucci is known for the unique design of their products. They have a collection for kids, people who like art on their luggage.

Tucci x Artistic: This collection is further divided into sub-collections; Artistic for different and unique designs; Dinero For color Paintings and art; Spray Art, as the name suggests, a random art done with spray.

This collection has featured a unique and astounding mixture of colors and art. I personally liked their winter leopard and Turkish marble.

Tucci x Kids: In the Kids collection, Tucci has featured tons of small luggage for kids, which might appeal to them because of their artistic design. They have baggage with dolphins, unicorns, and more for kids.

Black Label: This collection has only one type of luggage available in 3 sizes. What makes it unique is its durability. They are confident about this product because they offer 20 years of warranty on the warranty page, which is 2x the others.

It gets confusing when you go to their product page, which again states ten years of warranty. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Tucci luggage offers multiple designs and colors that you can choose from. Their 10-year limited warranty is also an added security in case of any defects or malfunctioning hardware over time.

However, their customer reviews are non-existent, which is not a good sign to be honest. If you decide to purchase the product, make sure you buy through Amazon for access to their 30-day return policy just in case something goes wrong.

Ultimately, if the design and color scheme appeals to you, then Tucci may be worth your money!

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