Travelers Choice Luggage Review: Analyzed and Rated

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Traveler’s Choice is small to medium brand selling travel items. Majority of their products are reviewed positive with average rating of 4 stars by hundreds of people.

It has a decent line of products ranging from backpacks, bags, and trunks to accessories. The pricing of each item is equal to similar product being sold in the market. USB ports and built-in mesh pockets are the main differentiating factors of their products.  

In the below article, along with the Buyer’s Guide and About section of Traveler’s Choice, I have listed all of their popular products. 

Travelers Choice Luggage Review

Keys Points:

  • Quality Products With Variety
  • People Trust This Brand
  • Medium In Price

Traveler’s Choice Hollin Trek Backpack

hollin trek backpack

Holin Trek Backpack is equivalent to a carry-on suitcase as it has around five pockets and a few small ones on top and side. Each zipper pocket is beautifully designed and further sectioned for different items. 

Two front pockets are for small items, while the middle pocket has the largest storage capacity. The last two zipper pockets at the backside are designed to put electronics like laptops, cameras, drones, etc. 

Furthermore, it has a few small pockets, one at the top for a keychain, and a side zipper pocket with a charging outlet. You can put your hydration bottle in a pouch on the opposite side. 

Compression straps at the sides make it easier to carry. You can also take it with a steel handle at the top or a cushioned shoulder strap. 

From a user’s point of view, this bag is more beneficial for traveling as it offers all the necessary features and spacious storage for a few days of clothes. So far, people have admired it for this reason

Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Hardshell Luggage

travelers choice Pagosa luggage

Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Luggage is a lightweight medium quality-built hardshell luggage at an affordable price. The main feature is its interior; with spacious, it is designed to organize everything. 

Its interior splits like a book and has two main compartments. One compartment has a spacious flat space with a buckle strap attached to zipper pouches at both ends. 

There is a small zipper pocket for the charging bank at the side, which has 2 USB 2.0 outlets outside. Another compartment is also a flat space with a zipper cover. This cover has further pockets for smaller items

The outer shell of a suitcase is simple in design, and it comes in around five color variations. Contrary to the description, this shell is not scratch resistant and indestructible

It comes in three size variations, and you can also buy it in sets of 2 or 3. The majority of people praised it for its interior and quality. With fair usage, you can expect it to get along for a while. 

Traveler Choice Birmingham Softside Luggage

birmingham luggage

Birmingham suitcase is soft side luggage in this list, which is featured mainly because of the material. It is made of nylon 1688 denier fabric, which is water- and tear-resistant

Its interior is the same as just Pasoga hardshell and provides spacious storage. It has two mesh zipper bags attached with buckle straps. It also has two small front pockets for easy-to-access items. 

Talking about its features, it is expandable, has dual wheels, and does not have TSA approved lock. Most people liked it for its durability and quality of surviving rough journeys.

Traveler Choice Maxporter Trunk Luggage

maxporter trunk luggage

Maxporter Trunk is one of the popular products of Traveler’s Choice. It has a lot of good things to talk about. First, its build is heavy-duty and can easily withhold rough and impactful trips. 

It has multiple handles to lift it by hand. With a telescopic handle, it is buttery smooth to drag along with durable wheels. On the top is a loop strap to hang smaller bags on it. 

The inside of this trunk is simple, split like a book in a 70/30 ratio. Its main compartment is divided into three further sections and has a considerable depth/volume to store. The upper section means the lid has multiple zipper pockets. 

Mainly, it is used to carry outdoor sports items for surfing and hiking. People have used it for regular travel and found it very lightweight.

Traveler Choice Dana Point Luggage Set

dana point luggage set

Dana Point Luggage set features three medium-quality suitcases with different size variations. Despite being filled with clothes and essentials, they are still lightweight and easy to maneuver around. 

The interior of each luggage splits like a book and features two simple compartments for storage. Avoid overstuffing; with fair usage, this set is excellent for seasonal travelers

It is simple and got quite a healthy customer response despite getting a lot of sales. Unlike most other luggage of this type, it also has a charging USB port that connects inside to a power bank.

Although, there are always exceptions for a few customers who unfortunately received damaged items. You can return this set freely within 30 days if you are a prime member. 

About Traveler’s Choice Luggage

According to Traveler’s Choice website, they were founded in 1984 and have been manufacturing travel products. Their offices are situated in California and South Asia as well

Is Traveler’s Choice Luggage Good?

Traveler’s Choice has a variety of travel luggage items ranging from Ok to Great. If you look at their trunk and Pagosa Luggage, both are great.

While I give a middle place to soft side luggage and backpack, and Lastly, the luggage set, which is ok for seasonal travelers. 

Where Traveler’s Choice Luggage Are Made?

Traveler’s Choice luggage are manufactured mainly in China and other countries as well. After that TC logo is attached for branding.

Buyer’s Guide

Customer Satisfaction

The overall picture is, unlike most of the brands. Traveler’s Choice has maintained itself in getting consistent customers. They have different items with several variations in each sub-category. 

Hundreds of people have bought these items and smashed them with positive feedback. Although, there is always a chance that you might be left unhappy or sometimes angry due to an unfortunate event.  

Customer Service

According to their site, each product has a different warranty time which you can claim. However, any mishandling by the owner, third party, or product bought from unauthorized sellers won’t be covered.

Register your purchased item on their site for quicker warranty service. On the other hand, you can buy their products from retailers like Amazon, which has its own 30 days return window. 

Plus, you can get free shipping or return as a prime member in the USA.


Traveler’s Choice’s social media accounts are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Their YouTube channel has been left alone for about a few years.

However, both Fb and Insta accounts are active and running campaigns lately, which is a good sign

Alternative Brands 

Traverler’s Choice is a good brand and has made its space in this competitive industry. Samsonite, Amazon Basics, Hanke, etc., are among the top luggage brands.

The Bottom Line

In above article, I have reviewed Traveler’s Choice brand and shared their good things as well as bad ones. I also tried to present you the overall public perception about this brand and which of their products are worth the money.

Like each customer, each brand is unique and has something extra than others. Its Maxporter trunk has got the main limelight, and the Pagosa suitcase as well.  

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