Skyway Luggage Review: Is It Good or Bad?

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Skyway Luggage is a well-known brand in the market; its lightweight products offer spacious storage for travel items. As a brand, it has been around for decades and left quite a legacy. 

Now in a competitive market, other brands Like Amazon, Rockland, and American Tourister are also coming up with better luggage quality at affordable pricing. 

I have reviewed Skyway Luggage products in the article below and thoroughly compared them with other brands. 

Skyway Luggage Review

Key Points:

  • Have Small Line Of Products
  • Medium In Quality & Price
  • Have Better Alternatives
  • Owned By Luggage Brand Ricardo

Skyway Rainer Lightweight Backpack


Skyway rainy backpack is a simple bag, and it is available in around 4 to 5 different designs based on features and storage capacity. 

The deluxe backpack variant has good storage and can be used as a college or travel bag. It is made of a lightweight material called rPet, which is strong and tear-resistant

It has a weight capacity of around 30 lbs and has three main pockets and a small zipper pouch at the side. The middle pocket has larger room to offer with mesh pockets and side pouches. 

You can handle it like a shoulder bag or suitcase with a unique side handle. This bag is expensive, and there are a lot of quality bags on Amazon at affordable prices

Skyway Epic Softside Luggage


Skyway soft-side luggage is also simple in design with a few features. It has two front pockets for smaller items and a large compartment. 

It offers spacious storage from the inside, as there are only a few sections. Just a simple space with a zipper mesh pocket at the lid. You can carry this bag with a side handle. 

The quality of the soft side bag is average, and it comes in 2 color variations. Most people were happy with their purchase due to the spacious storage. 

However, a few were unhappy because they got luggage that needed to match the description. Rockland and American Tourister are selling similar luggage at low to the same price. 

Skyway Epic Hardside Luggage


Skyway Epic hard-side luggage is one of the two hard-side products. Its material is semi-hard and coated with a shiny dotted design, which gives it a glaring look. 

However, its shine may get fade away with scratches and dirt. It comes in 3 size variations and five color variations. You can also buy them in sets of 2 and 3. 

It has four small wheels that enable smooth mobility with a telescopic handle. What it does not have is TSA approved lock like other Skyway bags. 

The pricing of this luggage is high for its quality, and you can surely find a ton of great brands offering carry-on luggage at lesser prices. 

Skyway Nimbus Hardside Luggage


Skyway Nimbus luggage is the fourth item on this list, but it is similar to others in quality and appearance. It comes in 3 different size variations and four color options

Its semi-durable and lightweight material allows you to carry more stuff on a trip. Like Epic hard-side luggage, it opens like a split book, and its inside is categorized into two sections. 

For additional space, you can increase its storage capacity by unzipping the expandable zipper in the middle. It also has four dual wheels, which makes it easier to drag and feels smooth to move.  

Again, pricing could have been better for this luggage. Skyway should provide a higher quality of products. 

About Skyway Brand 

Skyway Luggage Co is one of the pioneers of the luggage industry after spotting the trend of air travel, and they claimed to start in Seattle about a century ago

Since 1910, this brand has been owned by its founders and has seen ups and downs. Eventually, it was sold to another manufacturing brand Ricardo Beverly Hills

On the opposite side, Ricardo Beverly Hills has maintained itself despite being an old brand. They have a large variety of travel products and healthy customer engagement. 

Buyers Guide For Skyway Luggage

Customer Satisfaction

You can buy Skyway products from their official site or a third-party retail site like Amazon or Walmart. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

Buying from their site will enable access to all products firsthand. Regarding returns, you must fill out the form with the purchase receipt for coverage. (Full of Hassle)

Although, buying from retail like Amazon will ensure customers’ safety, and you can return damaged items within 30 days

Customer Service

As I said above, Skyway is now owned by Ricardo Beverly Hills brand, and now they handle all customer queries from their customer service portal. 

You can contact at [email protected]

If you buy any item from their official site, consider registering your product as proof of ownership to avail faster customer service and news. 


Skyway Luggage Co has a pretty active Facebook page with over 25k followers and little engagement. Their Instagram is in the middle with a couple of hundred posts. 

At last, their Youtube channel is ghosted, and the video has not been published for three years. I have linked their social accounts for you to visit directly from here. 

Other Products

Skyway is a relatively small brand, and it does not have a wide range of products. However, It has a few hard sides and soft sides luggage, a duffel bag, and a few variations of a shoulder bag; that’s it. 

The Bottom Line

Skyway might be a good option if you need spacious storage with average to medium-quality luggage. 

However, If you need affordable, quality luggage with lock and features, you must look for other brands or try those I have recommended.

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