Showkoo luggage review: How Good Their Products Are?

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Showkoo is a small luggage brand with few products in line. The average rating of their products is above 4 stars. Compared with other brands, their products are better in quality at affordable cost. 

It manufactures its products in China and does not have a brand website. However, most of their products are being sold on third-party retail websites. 

In the below article, I have written a detailed breakdown of Showkoo Luggage along with the buyer’s guide for you.

Showkoo Luggage Review


  • Huge Capacity
  • Satisfied Customer Base
  • Durable


  • Need to Increase Variety
  • No Official Website

Showkoo Hard-shell Luggage Set

showkoo luggage set

Showkoo has two designs of Hard shell luggage with almost identical features and qualities. Both luggage were loved and gained popularity among hundreds of people

They are medium to high-quality products at affordable prices for sets. Also, they are available in around 8 to 22 color variations, three size variations; carry-on, medium, and large check-in.

Buying it in a set will get you a lot of value, instead of buying one suitcase that will be more costly comparatively. Its outer shell is made of ABS and seems durable to last longer. 

It is expandable in volume and provides extra storage for items, and its zipper locks at TSA-approved lock. On top are two handles; one is a rubbery handle to carry it with hands, and the other is a durable telescopic handle. 

It also features four dual wheels rotating 360 degrees and swirls smoothly. Interior of these suitcases is simple and offers spacious space. Organizing bags would be helpful to make sure items are well-placed. 

These suitcases have received positive feedback; hundreds of people reviewed them with positive ratings. Even some have recorded their unbiased opinion about them in favor.

A minimal percentage of people were unhappy, primarily due to zipper quality. Check your items properly within 30 days of the return window before you miss it. 

Showkoo Soft-side Luggage Set

showkoo softside luggage

Among a little collection of products, Showkoo has only one type of soft-side design luggage with three sizes and eleven color variations. It is made of Oxford fabric, which is stain-resistant and real-tough in feel.

It is expandable for extra storage and also features two medium & small font zipper pockets for easy-to-access items. The main sections have spacious space to offer, and a mesh zipper pocket is at the lid for smaller items. 

Same as hard-side luggage, it also has dual wheels that are buttery smooth. Multiple handles and footpegs make it easier to carry this bag in various ways. 

Most customers bought its luggage set, which is more affordable than buying just one piece of luggage. They were happy because of the space it provides and the durable material with a TSA lock.

Showkoo as Brand

Showkoo is a small brand with few products on retail sites like Amazon and Walmart. It does not have its official site nor a concrete about section.

However, the Showkoo brand is trademarked under Shenzhen Hongtu Yangzhan Communication Co., Ltd, an electronics manufacturing company in China.

Where and Who Makes Showkoo Luggage?

As I said above, Showkoo is owned by a Chinese electronics manufacturing company. Their products are likely manufactured in China by them or their partner company.

Is Showkoo’s Luggage good?

Among the user, Showkoo luggage has shown promising results, and people love their products for quality and affordable pricing. 

Buyer’s Guide


The pricing of Showkoo Luggage is reasonable, especially if you are buying a luggage set. For example, their carry-on cost is around $70, and 28” check-in costs around $120.

The luggage set costs around $169, less than the combined carry-on and 28” check-in pricing. Plus, you are getting medium 24” luggage for almost free. 


To compare the quality of Showkoo luggage with products of other brands like Dejuno, Badgley Mishka, and InUSA. Showkoo has got something in his hands. 

You can see on their retail page that hundreds of people showered them with positive ratings due to quality and lower prices

I have reviewed many luggage brands, despite being a small brand. They have done a great job than brands similar to their size. 

Customer Satisfaction:

In the majority, most customers were happy with their purchase from Showkoo Brand. However, a small percentage of the public got their luggage damaged, or the zipper quality could have been better. 

Those kinds of unfortunate things may occur with online purchases. To avoid this, return it within 30 days of purchase if any manufacturing defect pops up.

Contact & Socials:

Showkoo has a small Facebook account, and unlike other brands, they respond to customer queries. You can also contact them through their email [email protected] for customer service.

Other Products:

Besides hard-side and soft-side luggage, Showkoo also offers tote bags within a set and additional spare parts like TSA locks, 360-degree rotating dual-wheels, and multi-stage telescopic handles. 

Alternative Brands:

There are tons of luggage brands in the market, each with pros and cons. Brands like Samsonite and Beis offer quality and brand identity. While Amazon, Rockland, and a few others emphasize affordability. 

How to Reset the Showkoo Luggage Lock?

Resetting the TSA lock can be a bit tricky, and you need to follow a few simple steps below:

Try to find a reset button on the TSA lock and insert a pin in it until it sounds click. 

Then change the combination of your choice and again insert a pin in the button. Lastly, check it to make sure the lock combination is changed. 

The Bottom Line: 

In the above article, I reviewed Showkoo Luggage and concluded that it is a good brand with few products. They have served many people, and most were happy with their purchase. 

At last, remember to visit our site and explore the world of suitcases.

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