Mirage Luggage Review: How Is Their Built & Quality?

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Mirage Luggage is one of the small luggage brands, competing with giants in the travel industry. This brand is like other little brands, who are selling low to medium-quality luggage sets

One great selling point of their luggage set could be their pricing as they are very affordable to buy on retail sites. I have also suggested some other quality luggage brand names if you want something that lasts longer. 

Below is mirage luggage review along with buyer’s guide and about section for guidance.

Mirage Luggage Review

Key Points:

  • Small Luggage Brand
  • Minimal Social Engagement
  • Have Better Alternatives
  • Low To Medium In Quality

Mirage Arlene Hardshell Luggage Set

arlene luggage set
source: mirageluggage.com

Mirage Arlene Luggage comes in a set of 3 with 2 color variations. It has a wavy design which is great as shock resistant and its glossy appearance gives it a luxurious look. All luggage is made of polycarbonate; the same material almost every luggage is made for lightweight and durability.

According to the manufacturer, its zippers are made of nylon coil, which keeps it water resistant. It has dual wheels that rotate 360 degrees to move it smoothly and they are attached to the main frame with housing. Most of the time, it is vulnerable and may get damaged, if they are impacted directly.

Out of three suitcases, one is carry-on, and 2 others fall around in check in-size range. Each luggage has a simple interior like every other luggage out there, with two main compartments; one belt with buckle strap and the other has pockets for accessories.

For safety, its lockable zippers close at TSA-approved locks for added security at airports and other places. Medium quality and simple luggage set, which is enough for occasional travelers.

Mirage Paula Hardside Luggage Set

mirage paula luggage set
source: mirageluggage.com

Mirage Paula is another similar luggage set to Hickey and it comes with beautiful color design and shinny touch. This luggage is thick and offers spacious space to store.

Its design is sleek and gives a fresh vibe, however, its frame is average in quality and might get damaged in a rough journey. 

It also comes in all similar features; like TSA-approved locks for security, 360 rotating wheels, and a telescoping handle to drag it smoothly.

Only a few people bought this luggage set and out of them, the majority were not happy as their luggage was either shipped broken or got damaged after a few trips. However, it is very affordable on Amazon, due to its competitiveness in the market.

Overall, great if you are out for an affordable option, luggage that offers roomy pockets and work fine if used fairly. Then this might be for you.

Mirage Brian Softside Luggage Set

mirage brain luggage set
source: mirageluggage.com

Mirage Brian is a softside luggage set and this might be a perfect and better option than hardside luggage. This soft side comes in 3 different color variations options including; Navy, Black with blue, and Black with red.

It offers tons of pockets for a variety of items to store with a smooth zipper in quality. The Interior is spacious in which you can add clothes for longer trips. The outer body is made of polyester fabric and I think it is better than hard side luggage, as it is unlikely to break by any impact.

This luggage has 4 dual wheels, in which each pair of 2 is connected with single housing to the body.

About Mirage Brand

There is no specific information available about Mirage as a brand. Just general info in their about section. Mirage Luggage is registered under Mirage Wholesale LLC and their office is situated in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Mirage Luggage identifies as a seller of travel accessories and bags. You can find different types of luggage and collections on their website from Softside and Hardside luggage.

You can either buy their product either directly from their website or from their different retail partners.

Buyers Guide For Mirage

Customer Service

Comparatively, Mirage is a small brand with very little to no audience, only a handful of people seem to buy their products. Out of this, they still manage to upset a customer with their luggage quality. 

I would suggest you buy a suitcase from a brand like Samsonite or Tumi if you are a frequent traveler and need a sturdy option that lasts for a while. Although, Mirage luggage is within considerable range for a budget option. 

Customer Satisfaction

Mirage Luggage does not seem to engage on their social sites and there are not a lot of customers visiting their site. Which is kind of a scary and risky option to check out on their site. 

Some products are also available on online vendors on Amazon are selling Mirage products and those would be much safer to buy, at least you can avail 30 days of return policy in case of any unfortunate event. 


Mirage Luggage’s socials account has medium to low engagement and their last post was posted around months ago. Below are their social accounts for you to directly visit. 


Other Products

Currently, at the time of writing this article, Mirage is not selling products other than luggage sets. However, you can visit brands like Samsonite, Hanke and Others for amazing products if you are up for traveling. 

Is Mirage Luggage Good?

I think Mirage Luggage is average compared to other sophisticated brands for traveling. There is not a lot of engagement on their site and not a lot of people seem to be interested in buying their products. 

The Bottom Line

All in all, Mirage is above average, especially if you are considering something affordable to buy. Because their luggage mostly comes in sets at very affordable prices. 

You may or may not like their products because of their quality. If you want something promising, you may and should find other luggage brands out there. 

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