Lucas Luggage Review: How Good Their Luggage Are?

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Lucas Luggage is one of the ordinary to medium luggage brands in the market and offers products for occasional travelers at affordable cost. Its hard-side luggage is known for its build and affordability, while its duffel bag and soft-side suitcase provide a lot of room to store.

In the below article, I reviewed Lucas products and dissected its brands to know a little bit about its work and the customer experience they provide with it.

Lucas Luggage Review


  • Affordable Prices
  • Positive Customer Engagement
  • Medium In Quality


  • No Official Site Founded
  • Need To Improve Warranty

The Hardside Suitcase: (Best Overall)

lucas hardside luggage

Among a few Lucas bags, its hard side luggage is popular for a lot of reasons; including its durability against its usage, built quality, and user experience it offers. Its frame is built of durable and lightweight polycarbonate material with a scratch-resistant and shock-absorbing design.

This luggage comes in at a very affordable price. especially if you consider the features and quality. This luggage weighs around 8.2 lbs and fills up around 50 lbs which are within the allowable range for airline weight restrictions rules.

It comes in 2 sizes option (20” for carry-on and 24” for check-in). However, it has just two color options steel blue and burgundy. It features 20 x 13.5 x 9 inches in dimensions and offers a spacious space and a lot of room for stuff to carry on.

The Interior is well-made and opens into two main compartments. Both are designed differently to provide convenient storage options.

One compartment is equipped with belts at the sides connecting in the middle with hooks to hold layers of clothes in place. The other compartment has one small zipper mesh pocket and a main zipper cover, which covers the whole half compartment to place your equipment or electronics.

At outside. this luggage features 4 smooth wheels rotating 360 degrees for easy mobility. A few clients were not happy when their wheels got damaged after a few years of usage. However, most people have loved those wheels.

Along with a sturdy telescopic handle, which does not wobble. All combined make a journey way more hassle-free. It is a lightweight suitcase that also features a side and top handle for you to carry with your hands.

Most of the customers absolutely loved this luggage. Why? because it is a very affordable suitcase, compared to brands like Badley Mischka, Dejuno, and Others. If you are out for an affordable option and want to travel often a year.

Then, this luggage might be a great option for you as it has proven itself in the last couple of years for seasonal travelers with fair usage. This luggage also comes with 5 years of limited warranty, which include just manufacturing defect.

Make sure to buy from authentic vendors like Amazon or Walmart, to avail of their return policy in case of damaged items delivered.

Lucas Softside Luggage

lucas softside luggage

Lucas Softside luggage is also known for its quality and better usability. It comes in 3 different size variations including (20”, 24”, and 28”) and 3 color options of blue, grey, and flower-patterned designs.

They also come in a set of 3 and offer durability, because of their built quality. It is made of ultra-lightweight, polyester fabric with a roomy design, which offers tons of space for your clothes and items.

On the outside, it features two exterior pockets and 2 medium-to-small pockets, and the main chain opens the lid of the interior of the luggage.

The Interior of the luggage is simple as it just has a wide space with two side belts. From inside, the lid has three small pockets, including one mesh pocket to put small items securely.

Unlike hard side suitcases, it has double spinner wheels and 8 in total, Rotating 360 degrees and offering a very smooth experience on delicate surfaces.

This bag also has a telescopic handle like every other luggage and two side handles to carry it vertically and horizontally by hand.

For customers, it offered a great sense of peace for its durability. It was moving fine with 60 lbs of weight inside. It might not be made of a durable material like other luggage brands’ products and may not withhold frequent traveling, especially rough ones.

It does lie on a bit of an expensive side, comparing it with its hard side brothers, which is way cheaper and seems durable. However, the majority of people loved it, mainly for its smooth mobility and spacious storage along with small pockets.

Lucas Duffel Bag

lucas duffel bag

Lucas duffel bag is the go-to bag for any traveler, because of its simple and spacious design. This duffel bag has almost 13 color or design variations. Its outer cover is made of thin polyester fabric, which is average in quality and may get torn apart easily.

However, if you use it carefully, this bag offers space to store your items for trips along with an outer pocket for your cosmetics and other small items. This bag can easily fit in an overhead compartment and does not feel bloated.

You can also carry it with handles and drag it with a telescopic handle covered underneath a pouch cover at the side of the bag. People are mixed reviews about this bag, some love it for its simplicity and the space it offers for a quick journey.

While some are not happy with the built quality and transit-damaged items they received.

About Lucas:

24-7 International Company is a brand holding company and Lucas brand is one of them. There is no more about this company on the internet and their site does not feel trustworthy. It seems obvious that they have trademarked their different brands and selling different products under their names respectively.

Most luggage brands outsource their products from countries like China or Vietnam for cost-cutting. But not all luggage brands emphasize quality control and product experience. Lucas and brands under 24 7 International offer average-quality products and their customer base has mixed opinions about them.

Buyer’s Guide:

Warranty Covers:

On its website and retail sites, Lucas claims to offer 5 years of limited warranty covers for its customer base against manufacturer defects. But unfortunately, they do not seem to honor their it.

For this, almost all people who experienced any defect like wheels not rotating well or telescopic handle was broken and so on did not get any satisfactory response from seller.

You can use Amazon and other retailer return policies if you are not satisfied or you can contact them through the contact form given below.

Customer Satisfaction:

Most of the customers seem happy, especially for their hardshell suitcase, as its being sold at an affordable price. They fall as an affordable luggage brand and provide medium-quality products at affordable prices.

These products are fine for you if you use them fairly and often a year. For frequent travelers, this might not be a great option to consider. In simple words, they just get work done.


I could not find any official Lucas website. You can either contact them through a contact form on their parent company 24 7 International or ask them a customer question section on Amazon.

Other Sister Brands:

24 7-International also holds other travel brands alongside Lucas, of looked very legit and great. Below are those brands and their details.

Ciao: Presents itself as a luggage brand but does not have an official site and concrete products to sell.

Andiamo: This brand is also a single luggage brand and has an official site. Its luggage and website both feel fine and legit. But their customer base is not enough.

Pathfinder: Again another luggage brand with a website for contact and brand information. Their products are being sold on Amazon and in online retail. These products seem great in quality and a bit expensive, mainly targeting travelers and backpackers.


What Is The Rating For Lucas’s Luggage?

The average rating of Lucas suitcase is around 4.3 stars; most people have praised and loved their products.

Is Lucas Luggage Durable?

Lucas’s luggage is durable enough and may last a couple of years, if you use them occasionally with fair usage.

Do Airlines Refer to Hard or Soft Luggage?

Airlines do not have any preferences for specific luggage types and you can bring any luggage which you like. Airlines are just concerned with dimensions and a weight limit of around 50 lbs for checked luggage.

Also, luggage with TSA locks is a plus for you, especially if traveling abroad. Buying luggage with built-in handy features can improve your journey experience.

Final Thoughts:

To wrap all things up, the Lucas brand offers medium-quality luggage at a reasonable price. Remember, there is always a chance almost in every brand and each brand is known for its unique selling point.

Lucas suitcases, its hard side luggage, which is affordable and sturdy inbuilt. On top of all this, people seem to love their products.

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