Hanke Luggage Review: Why You Should Consider Them?

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Hanke Luggage is a retail brand selling travel bags and luggage. Hundreds of people loved their products as they offer quality, premium looking design and variety of products.

Hanke Lieyang is a manufacturing company of travel products, and they are known for their quality testing of their products. For this reason, they are providing better products.

In the below article, I have covered all about the Hanke luggage brand along with a buyer’s guide. 

Hanke Luggage Review


  • Great Quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Premium Design


  • Bit Pricey For Some Products
  • Still Room For Quality Improvement

Hanke Multi-purpose Sling Bag

hanke sling bag luggage
source: u-buy.au

It would be an injustice If I did not add this bag to this list. Hanke sling bag is one of the most loved sling bags for its multi-purpose nature and quality. 

It has three main pockets; the large pocket is for items like a laptop, a couple of books, and notes, while in a medium pocket, you can put a tablet or small diary with stationery. 

The last small front pocket is for handy things for easier access. Moreover, there are two small pockets at the back of the bag; one for anti-theft at the edge and the other in the shoulder strap. 

Quality-wise, this bag is perfect in almost every aspect. Its smooth and buttery zippers and water-resistant outer layer. It has a charging cable inside out and cushioned shoulder strap, which can easily be adjusted

The best part is you can wear it like a chest bag, shoulder bag, or cross bag. It comes in 3 different sizes and four variations of colors.

Hanke Water-Resistant Leisure Backpack

hanke laptop backpack
source: ebay.com

Hanke Leisure Backpack is sleek and can be used for college or travel. It comes in 3 color variations and offers enough space for a few days of travel. 

On the front side, it features four small pouch-type pockets to put wallets, cellphones, accessories, and other stuff. It also has two main pockets; one is for a laptop with cushions, and the other is a bit like a suitcase. 

It opens from three sides and has two sections. One section is solely for clothes to stuff in with an elastic strap. The other section has small zipper pockets to put in additional small things. 

Along with shoulder straps, its backside is also designed to be airy and cushioned. This area absorbs water, which can get annoying sometimes

Hanke Expandable Travel Duffel Bag

hanke duffel bag
source: journeytrends.net

Hanke Expandable duffel is a bag in disguise because of the space it provides in each of the 4 phases by expanding. For this type of bag, the durability of the material and zipper quality are important. 

Additionally, it has an extra side pocket for easy-to-access stuff. Tbh after 2nd mode of expansion, it becomes bulky and unstable, especially if you are rolling it around

This bag is solely for storage as cargo, and it may not offer convenience in terms of mobility and features. Its wheels are good on smooth surfaces to get work done, but sometimes they get stuck or broken due to heavy weight. 

Its material is sturdy and water-resistant; you can carry it from the top handle or side handles. With its three variations of colors, it is great for your storage.

Hanke Softside Rolling Luggage

hanke softside luggage
source: walmart.com

Hanke soft-side luggage is popular due to its material quality and features, first of all, its appearance, which looks sleek and luxurious. 

It has two medium size pockets for handy items and a main compartment for storing your clothes and stuff. Inside are a mesh pocket on the lid side and parallel two buckle straps for clothes to stay in place. 

Plus, smooth zippers close at the TSA lock, four 360 rotating wheels, and sturdy handles to easily carry it. It comes in 3 sizes and five color variations based on individual preferences.

Customer Review: Around 300 people have used and shared their experience. Most of them loved the storage and it affordability.

Hanke Rolling Hardside Luggage

hanke softside luggage
source: ebay.com

Hanke hard-side luggage is simple in design and yet has a futuristic look. Its design and material give it shock-absorbing capability to keep it almost safe and intact.

Its inner compartments offer spacious space for putting clothes, accessories, and other items, and its smooth zipper is close to the TSA lock for extra security. 

It comes in almost ten colors and five size variations; 3 carry-ons and two check-ins. You can also buy it in sets of 2 and 3. Its four double-wheel along with telescopic handle make it buttery smooth while mobility. 

Customer Review: Out of above Hanke products, this hardside luggage is bit pricey compared to other bags in market. However, its design is something which may differ your mind.

Hanke As A Luggage Brand

Leiyang Hanke Bag is one of the top manufacturers of travel bags and luggage. On some websites, they are also known as mixi luggage

Hanke does not have any website, as far as I know, but it has been providing its services on Alibaba as a manufacturer. Most people confuse Hanke travel bags as German-made but they are made in China. 

Quality-wise, their products are great in quality and have been praised by hundreds of people. You can either buy their products on Amazon or on Aliexpress

Customer Guide:

Customer Satisfaction

Unlike other brands, Hanke/Mixi has done a great job serving its customers. Product quality is comparable to reputable brands’ products, while pricing is affordable. 

Most people love their products, and the percentage ratio of unhappy customers is minimal. They were unhappy mainly because of defects like broken wheels and zippers or because they considered their built cheap. 

Customer Service

Most of their products are sold on sites like Aliexpress, Amazon, and others. Against manufacture defects, you can use their can return your purchased item within 30 days

On Amazon, Hanke is a prime seller and frequently offers discounts on its products occasionally. You can also avail of free delivery and return on some products or as a prime customer. 


Hanke Luggage has a Facebook page with only one follower and is ghosted with not a single post. They are a manufacturer in Mainland China, and most of their customers interact with them on their Alibaba business page.

The Bottom Line

To wrap it up, Hanke bags are great in quality with customer service at a reasonable cost. Considering the number of luggage brands out there. 

Only a few brands achieve this level of engagement due to product quality. That does not mean they are 100% Ok. Other brands like Bies, and Samsonite are also potential pacers in this arena as well.

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