Beis Luggage Review: Is Beis Worth The Hype?

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Beis Luggage was founded by Shay Mitchell, a model, actress, social media influencer, and mother of two. She is well known and has a solid following, which acts as a strong and loyal customer base for her business.

She launched her brand in Oct 2018, named Beis Travel, to provide stylish, elegant-looking travel items at a cost that does not break the bank.

Beis Travel offers a wide range of products, from luggage, bags, accessories, and their new arrival section, where they launch their recent collections. They also got a rewards section where you can earn points for shopping or referring Beis to your friends and redeem those points in exchange for a discount or product.

In the article below, I will dissect and review Beis luggage and present you with all the relative information you need.

Beis Luggage Review

beis softside-luggage-

Beis luggage is simple, offering many cool features while not too complicated. Each bag has its uniqueness and requirements, which you will find in its description.

From a broader view, Beis has two types of luggage based on different designs and features; Hard-sided and Soft-sided. Each class has further variations based on sizes and colors for other use cases and choices.

Hard-side Luggage


Beis hard-shell luggage are specially made for travelers and come with tons of cool features which are handy and make travel hassle-free.

U-zip allows a person to put things inside while standing instead of an opening from the side which may result in a mess. Plus, expandable features enhance the storage of the case by just unzipping the chain.

There is a weight indicator that signals you in red color while carrying from the side handle. Suppose you are stuffing your luggage over 50 lbs of weight. This feature is handy if you travel by airline because most airlines have a weight limit.

Its zip is relatively smooth and can be locked using a TSA-approved lock to keep your belongings safe and custom friendly. You can also change the combination after pressing a dot-like insertion inside.

This luggage has water-resistant zipper tape, which keeps your suits and packings dry. The top handle comes out smoothly by pressing soft and comfortable cushions. Beside it is a loop strap that handles your bag.

Inside the luggage compartment are two sides; on one side, there is a compression flap with a pocket to keep your stuff in place, while on the other, there are two zipper bags, see-through and opaque, for individual use. Underneath that, there is further space for belongings to store.

Customers Reviews for Hard side Luggage

Over 2000 people have bought this luggage and given it 4.8 reviews which indicates how much they loved it

People have loved it because of its features, build, and the convenience it provides, while some are not happy with customer service and damaged items checked bags they got.

Size variations

  • 21″ Carry-on Roller: For short and quick trips with 21″ H x 14.5″ W x 9.8 “D interior dimensions.
  • 26″ Check-in Roller: Great for an extra storage option with interior dimensions of D 26″ H x 16.5″ W x 11 “D.
  • 29″ Large Check-in Roller: Offers Large space for long travel with internal dimensions of 31.3″ H x 19.7″ W x 12.5 “D.

Soft side Luggage

Beis Travel offers one variation of soft-sided luggage, one black color, and two different size options. This bag is expandable and compressible, which makes it easier to store in a tight place or to stuff more items within the suitcase.

Moreover, It is lightweight and constructed with robust materials such as polyester and ballistic nylon to ensure long-lasting durability. All corners are safely guarded with a curved polycarbonate shape to make it shock resistant.

This models even have a built-in USB port for charging your devices while you fly! Other features include exterior pockets for quick access to items like passports or phones and interior organizational pockets to keep all your essential stuff in one place.

Customer Reviews For Soft Side Luggage

Compared to hard-side Beis luggage, it got fewer sales. But many have praised it, including myself, because of its features and durability. 

Size variations

  • 21″ Carry-on Roller: For short and quick trips with interior dimensions of 22″ H x 14″ W x 9 “D (6.5” when collapsed).
  • 29″ Large Check-in Roller: Offers Large space for long travel with interior dimensions of 32″ H x 18.5″ W x 13″ D (6.5″ when collapsed)

An Overview of Beis Tote, Weekender, and Accessories

Beis is a well-known luggage brand for its stylish designs and affordable prices. Here’s an overview of their popular tote bags, weekender bags, suitcases, and accessories that can help make your travels easier.

Beis Tote Bags

These versatile totes are perfect for travelers who need something roomy but want something stylish. They come in various colors and have many pockets to store all your items securely.

They also feature shoulder straps for easy carrying and are made from durable materials that hold up over time and during frequent use.

Customers were very happy with these bags as they provide plenty of space without being too bulky or heavy to carry.

Beis Weekender Bags

Beis Weekender bags are ideal for those looking for the perfect bag for short outings or weekend getaways.

These lightweight yet spacious bags come in three sizes – small, medium, and large – so you can find one that fits all your needs without having to bring extra items along on your trip.

The zippers stay secure even when you’re out exploring, and the material is resistant. Customers are pleased with these bags as they provide both style and practicality at a great price.

Beis Accessories

Beis offers several travel accessories, including passport holders, wallets, and more.

For those who prefer a more minimalistic approach to packing, the passport holders fit all sizes securely while still being light enough to keep in your pocket or bag without taking up too much room.

The wallets also come in different sizes depending on how much you need to carry, but all offer plenty of slots for keeping cards organized while still looking stylish.

Buyers guide For Beis

Warranty and Customer Service

BEIS Limited Lifetime Luggage Warranty offers customers coverage against any manufacturer defects in craftsmanship and material quality for the lifetime of their luggage. 

To submit a warranty claim, customers should contact customer service at [email protected] with proof of purchase, photos of the defective area, a written explanation of why they offer the claim, and their name, address, email address, and phone number.

Upon review and approval of the claim, BEIS will provide either a repair or replacement luggage at no cost to you (replacements may not be the same original character/color/make/size).

If a warranty claim is not accepted, your item will be shipped back ‘as-is’ at your cost.

Pros and Cons of Beis Luggage

Bei’s luggage has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to its stylish designs and affordable prices. This type of luggage is an attractive option.


  • Stylish design: Beis luggage has a sleek, modern look that many travelers find appealing.
  • Convenience: Their products are feature-rich to make your life easier as it can be.
  • Durability: Customers report that these bags are made from quality materials that hold up well over time and during frequent use.


  • Limited color options: Currently, only five colors, and we need to provide more variety for some shoppers.
  • Quality control issues: Some customers have reported missing pieces or faulty zippers in their bags.
  • Limited warranty coverage: There is a one-year warranty on defects in materials or quality. Do they mean it, I suspect? 

How Good or Bad Is Beis Luggage Compared to Other Brands?

The biggest question most people have regarding Beis luggage is whether or not it compares favorably with other models made by luggage brands such as Samsonite or Tumi.

First, by buying products people feel attached to their celebrity and joyed by purchasing their products. Tbh, Beis products are designed with a feature-rich intention to provide ultimate convenience. 

Some customers report being very happy with their purchase even though they may initially have reservations due to its slightly higher price. Brands like Amazon basics, Hanke, and others have some good and affordable options.

Final Thoughts

Bei’s luggage is an attractive option for many travelers due to its stylish design that gives a vibe to the actual brand. 

However, there is always a probability that some unlucky person encounters an experience they did not expect and like. 

On the other side, there is something that needs to be fixed by the seller.

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